Katrina Bowden to Star in a Horror Film with Sean Patrick Flanery

The Bold and the Beautiful’s Katrina Bowden is in a new horror film, Hunter’s Moon, with The Young and the Restless alumni Sean Patrick Flanery. The film will be released this Spring.

Victoria Konefal from Days of Our Lives discusses feminism and what it’s like acting on a modern day Soap Opera. Plus, the head writer of The Young and the Restless, Josh Griffith teases a new storyline for Billy Abott played Josh Thompson.

The Bold and the Beautiful

Katrina Bowden, who plays Flo Fulton, has a new horror film set to come out and her co-star is none other than Young and Restless alum Sean Patrick Flanery.

Hunter’s Moon would be coming out in the spring, and posted: “I’ve read a lot of horror scripts in my day…and most aren’t very good. But this one really stood out- it’s different in a very cool way.”

Bowden plays Juliet Delaney in the chilling Hunter’s Moon, which surrounds the events that occur when a sheriff, played by Thomas Jane [The Expanse] is called to investigate as three teenage girls are terrorized by a group of young delinquents.

Days of Our Lives

Victoria Konefal discusses feminism on Days of Our Lives and why she won’t let her character Ciara Brady play a part to anti-feminest views. Victoria chatted about acting on the modern day soap opera with Bust’s Poptarts podcast.

On the podcast they ask Victoria about how feminism has affected her work and vice-versa.

Konefal responded, “I was given a line to say in which I was talking about how I was dieting. I need to look good so I need to go on this crazy diet is literally what my line said. That’s what they wrote for me.”

Konefal asked the writing team to rework the dialogue.

“In that way, I’ve definitely made a point to never let Ciara fall victim to anti feminist views,” she said. “There have been a couple of other scenarios as well where I’ve had to change a couple of lines. Sometimes I get what the writers are trying to accomplish but the way that idea is phrased is just not ok with me. That’s when I need someone to back me up- and they typically do.”

General Hospital

Stan Kirsch, who starred in the1990s series, Highlander, and spent the last years of his life as an acting coach, passed away on Saturday. He influenced many actors including General Hospital star Mark Lawson who plays Dustin on GH.

He said on Insta:“Stan. I’m reeling…all the way back to my first year in Los Angeles. Had a roommate I didn’t like. Was terrified to make a left on red. I needed the big break now so I could leave this terrifying town.”

Lawson went on to talk about how Kirsch prepared him for his first audition and then discussed how his coach would always be there for him even after he found work in New York on One Life to Live.

Lawson stated, “you would coach me for nothing. You were my first big brother here. I’ll never forget that. And that’s how you’ll stay.”

The Young and Restless

The head writer of Y&R, Josh Griffith, teased the dark path ahead for Billy Abott. Josh is planning on taking Billy Abott played by Jason Thompson down a dark road. After battling mental health issues and his continuing problems with Adam Newman [Mark Grossman] and has neglected his relationship with Adam’s half-sister, Victoria [Amelia Heinle] while bonding with newcomer Amanda [Mishael Morgan].

Griffith told Soap Opera Digest that while he’d written Billy to have come through the other side, Jason Thompson’s acting made him want to explore it further.

He shared, “I saw such phenomenal work from Jason Thompson that I said there’s gotta be more. Let’s go deeper. Let’s go farther back.”

Soap Opera Digest asked about Billy’s friendship with Amanda and if there could there be something more between the Abbott heir and the mysterious lawyer?

“She was new in town. She just went through all this crap with the will and everybody thought she was a part of it, but she was just there to do her job,” said Griffith, “and here was a guy that was also going through all kinds of confusion about his place and the way people looked at him. They were kind of in the same space when they met at the dive bar[…]The two strangers find they have this connection; it’s not a romantic connection, it’s platonic, but they’re really able to open up to each other and help each other get through this.”

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