Justin Bieber Performed ‘Journals’ Live For The First Time

Justin Bieber went live on TikTok last night to perform his 2013 album, ‘Journals,’ for the first time and we were all here for it! 

If you’re a Justin Bieber fan like us, you’d know that the pop star has kept himself quite busy during quarantine. From dance rehearsals and recording studio sessions to many TV appearances and performances, Bieber has been on a steady work grind. Bieber and his team announced this past week that he would be performing his album, Journals, live on TikTok on Valentine’s Day. Beliebers went wild on Twitter after hearing the announcement as he’s never performed the album live before. Journals were Bieber’s first R&B album, and his Beliebers often refer to the masterpiece as his “most underrated album.”

Bieber’s full-length TikTok concert streamed live from inside the Drew House, the same San Fernando Valley house where all of the creative content for his Drew House clothing brand is produced. The garage space was decorated with string lights and graffiti walls, giving off a nostalgic vibe as he performed some of his favorite tracks from the album. Bieber performed eleven out of the fifteen songs on the album which included: “Change Me,” “Heartbreaker,” “Recovery,” “Swap It Out,” “Hold Tight,” “PYD,” “One Life,” “Bad Day,” “All Bad,” “Confident,” and “All That Matters.”

Beliebers had lots to say on Twitter throughout the live stream.

Beliebers who looked forward to hearing the full album were upset when the live stream ended without Bieber performing “Flatline,” “Rollercoaster,” “Memphis,” and “Backpack.”

While Bieber has been rehearsing for his Changes tour—which has been rescheduled for Summer 2021 due to COVID—he has also been sharing updates with fans about a new album in the works. As of last month, Bieber shared that he was “going over the track listing for the album.” His upcoming project will mark his sixth studio album, and we can’t wait to see what he has in store for us!

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