Joshua Turchin Talks Creating His Disney & Pixar’s ‘Luca’ Inspired Tik Tok Musical!

Broadway Alum Joshua Turchin sat down with AfterBuzz TV and talked about composing musicals, Marvelous Mrs. Maisel, his dream Broadway role & more!

Joshua Turchin is the epitome of what it means to be a multi-hyphenate. He acts, he sings, he writes his own musicals, as well as, just being very down to earth and humble. At just 15 years old, he’s showing us all that anything is possible when you love what you’re doing it’s never work.

Chae’ Jones talked with Joshua Turchin during a Zoom interview to talk about the inspiration behind his Pixar’s Luca inspired Musical Tik Tok series, his dream Broadway role, & more!

Turchin began performing at a young age. Sometimes we choose our passions but other times they choose us. When asked if he felt that his love of performing Turchin said, “I definitely feel like it’s something that chose me. Ever since I was like really really young I would pull myself up to the piano and just attempt to play. I was like one at the time so you know, Baby hands couldn’t do more than just press two notes at the same time but it definitely felt like growing up I got immersed in the theater world…accidental most likely and I just grew up loving it.”

Turchin made his Broadway debut at 9 years old in A Christmas Story Musical as Randy.

Tik Tok has grown exponentially over the last two years due in large part to the pandemic but it also gave a lot of people the ability to share their talents with the rest of the world. Allowing us all to have a platform where we can share our creativity with people from around the world. Turchin used his platform to not only show he can sing but also show his composing skills when he created an unofficial Disney & Pixar’s Luca inspired musical and performed 6 original songs which garnered over 500,000 views.


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When asked what the inspiration to create the musical came from, Turchin replied, “So it didn’t initially start out as a pseudo adaptation of the movie. The movie was just so beautiful. The story was just so touching and so memorable. It all just stems from that classic Hans Christian Anderse\n Little Mermaid. I felt like there was inspiration from that and it was just such a beautiful movie. I was just sitting there the first time watching the movie and thought ‘Hey, this would be a really good musical’. About a month later I posted the first song I wrote for the project on Tik Tok called ‘Marks on the Wall’ thinking nothing of it and it ended up blowing up. So I kept doing some more and I eventually figured out a different plot of the musical and renamed it. It’s called Worlds Apart now. I posted a couple of the songs on Spotify, Apple Music and Amazon music. Like all the major music platforms. It’s been such an incredible journey being able to start from the creation to finishing it.”

We all have those dream roles we want the opportunity to play and at just 15 there are plenty of roles in Turchin’s future that he’d be perfect for but what is his dream role you may ask? “I have to say Evan Hansen. It’s such a good show. Just the music, the book, everything about it was so good.”

The critically acclaimed The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel returns in a new season and new faces. Though he couldn’t go in depth about his character he did share what advice he received from some of the veterans on set. “Don’t take any pictures on set and post them. We weren’t going to post them but that was the biggest advice and everyone was so nice!”

You can watch Turchin in season 4 of The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel is set to premiere on February 18th on Amazon Prime.

Do you wanna know how he started his The Early Night Show variety talk show, his advice to other young actors, how he felt being on Broadway & more. Check below for the full interview!

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