Jaw-Dropping Krystal Versace Runway Looks!

RuPaul’s Drag Race UK season 3 winner Krystal Versace will gag you into the next century! Here are some of our favorite looks from Krystal this season. 

Condragulations are in order for UK drag superstar and winner of RuPaul’s Drag Race UK season 3, Krystal Versace! Ms. Versace has forced fans jaws through the floor each week, showcasing her incredible makeup artistry and cinching couture style. Scroll through to see what the 20-year-old Kent native brought this season.

Week 1:

Category is… Entrance Look


“Sex on legs… has arrived! My name is Krystal Versace, and I invented tits.” Well, I couldn’t have said it better myself. Krystal entered the werkroom fiercely, leaving the other contestants gasping. Although they are her competition, some queens were heard calling the fashion queen sickening. Krystal, 19 at the time, discovered her drag passion from makeup. As a member of “Generation Ru,” queens whose love for drag came from watching the show, Versace is bringing us into the future. When in drag, she becomes a goddess.

Category is… Queen of Your Hometown

“Garden of England realness… Queen of Kent… giving you the greenery… I feel puss in this cage honey.” While strutting down the runway for the first time, Krystal embraced mother nature, leaving us all to question… Eve who?

Category is… My Favorite Things

“The sphinx.” Krystal strut across the stage in full kitty glory, taking a literal approach to the catsuit. During deliberation, the judges said both runway looks were amazing, displaying beautiful detail and a cinched waist. RuPaul even noted that Krystal knows her body and proportions so well that she is way ahead of the game in her career.

Week 2:

Category is… Red Carpet Showstoppers

“Emerald city goddess… giving you Oz.” Krystal embraced the red carpet in this stunning emerald gown. Her short wig, seamless padding, and perky breastplate turn an illusion into reality. Even judge Michelle Visage, who despises the color green, called the look “delicious.”

Week 3:

Category is… Happy Campers in the Great Outdoors

“Giving you sexy scout leader realness.” The girls were tasked with bringing the outdoors to the runway with two campy looks. In this first get-up, Krystal embraced a character and carried herself as such.

Category is… Campfire Couture

“I can’t believe I made this look… beauty is pain and I look fab, so just deal with it.” The second runway prompt was a high-fashion outfit the queens create using outdoorsy materials such as sleeping bags, tents, tools, etc. Krystal crafted this jarring silhouette out of a picnic blanket, mats, and tent poles. The judges agreed that the first look was cute and fun while the second’s presentation was stunning.

Week 4:

Category is… Night of a Thousand Spice Girls

“Classic Baby Spice realness- I’m giving you blue, I’m giving you fur, I’m giving you everything you ever wanted.” Channeling guest judge Emma Lee Bunton, otherwise known as Baby Spice, Krystal looked glamorously tiny with her long pigtails and big blue coat, mimicking a look Bunton performed in years ago. In fact, Bunton noted that Krystal’s jacket looked much better and more expensive than the original. Ru also lent high acclaim: “your eye for detail, the body, padding, everything… gorgeous.”

Week 5:

Category is… Expenny, Henny

Credit: BBC Three

“She’s covered in Swarovski. I feel like a dream. She is fully crystallized…With a K.” For a runway-seeking expensive-looking drag, Krystal understood the assignment in this diamond-studded nude illusion. While Michelle Visage said she doesn’t look expensive, rather in “clubwear,” guest judge and Little Mixer Leigh-Anne Pinnock thought the long wig took the presentation to a new level.

Week 6:

Category is… Feeling Fruity

“I’m putting the drag in dragon fruit. I am feeling sweet, yet sour… I’m giving you the spikes, I’m giving you the shine… Mmm, I look like a snack.” This dragon fruit interpretation is perhaps the cleverest ensemble brought to the runway this season. We have detail, glamour, and, in classic Krystal Versace style, makeup artistry for the gods. Although the judges clocked the silhouette as it was quite similar to the week three-runway, RuPaul praised her saying, “I’m so proud that at 19 you have found what it is that God has chosen for you. You, Krystal Versace, were born to be a drag queen.” It doesn’t get any better than that!

Week 7:

For this week’s episode, the queens were challenged with bringing three looks to a “Ms. Fugly Beauty Pageant.” Here, we define fugly has, “Friend U Gotta Love Yourself.” For the first runway, the queens had but 69 minutes to prepare.

Category is… Fugly Swimwear

Credit: BBC Three

“She is giving you underwater sea creature realness… I’m giving you barnacle beauty darling! I’m giving you grunge; I’m giving you filth.” This sexy yet disturbing deep-sea creature was a new energy for Krystal, after all the judges have been asking her to bring something new. Judge Alan Carr said it was so unpredictable that it took his breath away.

Category is… Charity Shop Chic

Credit: BBC Three

“I feel like a sexy mum, look at me, keep your dads at home.” When given 60 minutes to change their makeup and style a look from a pile of thrift store clothing (called charity shop in the UK), Krystal quickly threw together this get-up. The judges read this look for being too safe, but she does look stunning, nonetheless.

Category is… Fugly but Fashionable

Credit: BBC Three

“This is fugly to me because it is so obnoxious and it’s so much going on, it’s literally a headache looking at it. A silhouette I wouldn’t ever go for.” Given only 30 minutes to assemble this final runway of the week, Krystal stole the show with a pop-art avant-garde coat and wig. All judges agreed, this is “so good and so fashion.” She can reach another level of editorial by wearing larger-than-life accessories and cinching a tiny waist.

Week 8:

Category is… Scene Stealers

Credit: BBC Three

“My inspiration is the iconic Cruella de Vil… Oh, the glamour. I feel so expensive, I’m filling out my villainess fantasy and I’m ready to kill those puppies.” This regal look was black, white, and red all over, sis. The judges said that this beauty is what they expect from her, and she lived up to it. Graham Norton called the look stunning and flawless, ending his comments with a chef’s kiss.

Week 9:

Category is… Oh My Goddess

Credit: BBC Three

“She is covered in gold crushed velvet, dripping in chains. You can’t touch this. I am floating down this runway. I am catching every light, she is your sun, she is your god, she is your everything. Worship me.” Well, you heard the queen, worship! I cannot comprehend the process of getting into these pieces; the detail is astounding. “The toga effect, headpiece…breathtaking,” said Michelle Visage, while Ru exclaimed, “So stunning, my goodness!”

Week 10:

Category is… Final Three Eleganza Extravaganza

Credit: BBC Three

“I’m giving you the body. This is the definition of an hourglass… I’m giving them that essence of Krystal, I’m giving them taste and fashion and elegance, honey. I’m in love with this, I feel fucking fierce.” *sheds tear* Krystal gracefully made the runway her own for her final walk. Judge Alan Carr summed her experience up quite nicely: “You have proved that you are more than just a pretty face. You have served us some stunning and avant-garde looks, and I felt like I was in the front row of a fashion show (because normally I’m right at the back near the toilets), you saved the best ‘till last so well done you.”

From the moment she stepped into the werkroom, Krystal Versace left us with mouths agape. She took the runway, and thus her place in our hearts. For daily gags, make sure to keep up with Krystal on Instagram at @krystalversace. Krystal, we cannot take our eyes off of you! Now prance!

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