Jason Wright Named As First Black Team President For The NFL

Washington football names Jason Wright as new team President making history as first Black President of an NFL sports team. 

New Washington football President, Jason Wright, has much to do on his list after making history by being the first Black President of an NFL team. The former Cardinals running back has completed more than 30 interviews for a new executive team according to an interview with CNBC.

Before landing the position at the top of a sports team, Wright spent seven seasons playing in the NFL, starting as an undrafted free agent in 2004. The former player wore the colors of the 49ers, Falcons, Browns and Cardinals before retiring in 2010.

The 38 year old executive is looking to reshape the culture of the football team owned by Dan Snyder. While on the search for a new name and identity for the franchise, he will be seeking inside information from every aspect of the team including, players, sponsors and fans to make the team more community based. “It’s going to set us up to engage with the public in a different way, which generates that value for the franchise”,he said in the interview, “the new identity will be more than a logo.”

Write will be responsible for the team’s operations, finances, sales and marketing as a priority among his other duties according to the New York Times. The team has been operating without a President since the end of last season, when the franchise decided to let Bruce Allen go.

In an interview with Good Morning America, the MBA graduate said, “I have been helping some of the most complex and important organizations around the world transform over the last few years, so for me, it’s personal and an opportunity to bring together my two worlds in a really unique way, at a unique time.”

Many organizations have been making historical moves by making their workplaces in regards to inclusion, culture understanding and equality after human rights protests sparked in the wake of George Floyd who died at the hands of officers this year. Washington football has made two historical moves. The first being the removal of their original name which was of indigenous culture appropriation and second was hiring Wright as the first Black President of an NFL franchise.

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