J Balvin’s Documentary Is Coming Soon & Here’s What You Can Expect!

J Balvin’s documentary will take on his journey and  discover the vulnerabilities he went through while becoming a popular artist. 

We rarely get to see the ins and outs of what an artist does in their day to day life.

Most times with celebrities, what we see are what they choose to post on their social media. But it’s rare if we see the artist’s struggles or hardships.

J Balvin is no exception. While he has used his social media to speak out on certain topics, he has also used it to give us a little peek into his life.

He teased his documentary on Instagram with a still picture captured from the film.

In his statement, J Balvin expressed his gratitude towards Amazon for allowing him to represent his country and his culture at a global level.

The film initially premiered at Toronto International Film Festival and Amazon acquired the rights to it beforehand.

The story is set to follow the Colombian artist all the way to his hometown concert while he reveals how he grew up and the struggles he endured throughout his life.

J Balvin has been brutally honest about his mental health, even penning an open letter to People magazine.

Since he has been so honest, we hope to see him talk more about his struggles with his mental health as well as the stigma that surrounds it in the Latinx community.

AfterBuzz TV is super excited to watch this documentary and get to see first hand who J Balvin is behind the scenes!

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