‘Insecure’ Final Season Predictions

We are not ready for Insecure to come to an end, but unfortunately, it has to. Here are our predictions on what the final season has in store for us. 

After airing in 2016, the iconic HBO comedy Insecure stole our hearts and made us laugh till we cried. From our journey with the main character Issa Dee to all the amazing characters we met along the way, this show has taught us a lot about ourselves and our relationships. With the premiere of the fifth and final season, we had to make some predictions about what this season has in store for the cast. 

Season 4 Recap:

Before we get into the new season, let’s take a second to reflect on how we got here. After lots of anticipation and planning, Issa was able to host her block party, which was a major success. However, it ended up taking a toll on her relationship with Molly. Molly wants to mend their relationship but finds out Issa went behind her back to ask Andrew to help her find a performer, making matters worse. While their relationship is on the back burner, Issa and Lawrence find their way back to each other. Both have grown and changed so much, which is why finding out his ex Condola is pregnant is such a shocking cliffhanger to be left on. Let’s take a look at the newest episode to figure out how this season might end. 


predictions for final season of insecure
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At the start of the episode, we learn that Issa is speaking at her school’s reunion on an entrepreneurial panel. Having just founded The Blocc, Issa expresses the uncertainty and doubt that come with being your own boss. We think that this is a great set-up for us to see just how far her organization can, and likely will go. We can see Issa establishing a pillar within her community, and establishing a prolific legacy through her work. We’re also hoping she explores her rapping talent more this season. 


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Since we met her character, we honestly can’t get enough of Molly. She is a strong supporting role that has her own story to tell. In this season, she is fresh out of a relationship with Andrew. Upon her therapist’s suggestion, she is using her reunion trip as an opportunity to be more present. This season, we think Molly will really be focusing on herself and her own growth. And as a result, this will bring an unexpected love interest into her life. 


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After the first breakup, we never thought these two would ever be in the same room together. That’s probably why this breakup hurt so much, knowing all that it took to get to where they were. While they may be ending things, this definitely is not the last we’ll hear from Lawrence. We think he’ll hold off on pursuing the job in San Fransisco to help Condola, and stay close to his child. However, this won’t stop him from continuing to grow as a tech mogul. We have a feeling ‘Woot-Woot,’ may come to fruition in one way or another.  


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While the crew is at the school reunion, they learn that the university believes that Kelli is dead, having put her in the memoriam program. What started off as a funny mistake turned into an existential crisis, causing her to reflect on her life and the things she has yet to accomplish. The episode ends with her posing a question to her listeners, “If you knew the end was coming, how would you make the most of your time left? What legacy would you want to leave behind?” While her podcast is an outlet for Kelli to work through her life experiences, we think her podcast is going to gain a cult following, and become her full-time career. We all know she gives the best advice and makes some of the best jokes, so this doesn’t seem too out-of-character.


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Tiffany is one of the most laid-back and unbothered characters in the series. Preferring to stay out of drama, she’s been spending her time reconnecting with her husband Derek. We think in this final season, we are going to see a lot more of Tiffany, following her journey as a wife, soror, friend, and now mother. While she wears all of her titles beautifully, we also think that she may begin to explore herself outside of these identities. Maybe she’ll start a business or a YouTube channel. Whatever she does, we know she’ll be successful!

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