If You Like ‘After’, You’ll Love These Movies!

Looking for some new romance-dramas that are just like After? Look at our list of movies that you might have not heard of before, but definitely need to watch!

It seems like just yesterday After was aired, and the franchise has been releasing a new movie just about every year since 2019. However, the final movie in the series is quickly approaching, with a release date of September 13th. Don’t worry though, if you need a new romance-drama series to watch now that After is reaching its end, we have you covered! These dramas are all foreign movies, from Spanish to Norwegian, so it’s likely you might not have seen them before! But they all still follow a similar plot structure and a cheesy, dramatic undertone that we all love to see!

Through My Window

Our first recommendation is Through My Window! It’s a Spanish movie that follows a brooding, handsome male leading falling in love with the girl next door. You can find it on Netflix, and its sequel, Though My Window: Across the Sea, was also just released so there are already two movies to the series for you to binge! And don’t worry, it’s already been confirmed that we will be getting a third movie added to the list!


If you like a prince charming trope, we highly recommend you watch Royalteen! This Norwegian drama follows a teenage girl trying to hide her past as she falls in love with a party-loving prince who has a past of his own. You can also find this movie on Netflix, and luckily the sequel was also just released! It hasn’t been announced if there will be a third movie just yet, however, the movies are based on books and there is a third book! Chances are high that we’ll get a third movie!

My Fault

Just like After, My Fault started off as a story on Wattpad and has made its way to the screens! This movie is about a girl who has to move away from home, leaving her boyfriend and friends, to move into a new house with her mom’s new husband and son, Nick. The plot goes on to follow the dramatic romance between her and Nick. My Fault is also a Spanish movie, and you can find it on Prime Video. There isn’t a second movie, but it has been announced that there will be at least 2 more movies added to this series!

With the series of After movies almost over, it’s time to find some new romantic dramas to watch! Hopefully, this list will give you a good few new movies to binge-watch!

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