If the ‘Selling Sunset’ Cast Were Designer Brands, What Would They Be?

This season of Selling Sunset has been a ride with new ladies joining the office and lots of new things happening for the team, here are some designer brands that best represent the cast of the show. 

Christine Quinn – Chanel

Christine is best known for her big personality and her ability to rock high fashion wherever and whenever she can. The brand most like her would be Chanel because she is the most fashionable of the cast and isn’t afraid to rock a mini bedazzled chair as a purse. She isn’t afraid to act or be different in front of the girls and it makes her stand out. It was amazing to see her this season looking better than ever even while she was literally about to have a baby!


Chrishell Stause – Prada

Since being the new girl in the earlier seasons, Chrishell is now a super successful realtor at the Oppenheim group. Like the brand Prada was able to adapt and set new fashion trends, Chrishell was able to quickly adapt to the new work environment and became such a powerhouse! She is always working hard to improve herself and her brand.

Jason and Brett Oppenheim -Bottega Veneta

Jason and Brett Oppenheim are the more lowkey cast members in this season since they don’t really get involved in much of the drama on the show. In this case, the brand that best represents them would be Bottega Veneta since they are so lowkey but people who know the show will know who they are and how significant they are.

Heather Rae Young – Yves Saint Laurent

Heather has always been the trendy one in the office and she knows what she wants and sells homes like no other. Yves Saint Laurent would be the best representation of her since she is always up to date with the latest trends and keeps a good relationship with her coworkers.

Davina Potratz – Burberry

Davina’s presence this season was different than it ever was in the previous seasons. This time around, she was working on getting back into the office and working with the girls. The brand that best fits her would be Burberry since she is also now lowkey but still maintaining her amazing work ethic and working her way back into the office. Burberry is such an original brand and Davina has worked at the Oppenheim group for many years so she is always going to be part of the OG group.

Maya Vander – Dior

Maya is the sophisticated and calm mother in the office and her demeanor gives off very much Dior vibes. She never gets herself into much of the drama and is the mediator in a lot of the lady’s conversations and is always talking things out with them. Dior is also such an iconic brand that people will always look up to just like Maya’s presence gives off in the office.

Mary Fitzgerald – Hermes

Mary has deep roots with the Oppenheim group and so the best brand that represents her would be Hermes. Hermes would be the perfect brand for Mary because she is such a major cast member in the show. Mary works super closely with Jason and has been at the company for a long time. With how classic and original Hermes is, this brand definitely represents her the best. Her work ethic is extremely impressive and she is always grinding.

Amanza Smith – Balenciaga

We love Amanza’s style on the show and the brand that would best describe her would be Balenciaga. Amanza is super edgy and has a very fun style and Balenciaga is literally the best description of her overall. We love seeing how she literally is a powerhouse and an amazing mother to her kids and is always there for her friends even in her hardest times.

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Vanessa Villela – Gucci

Vanessa has been a great addition to the team this season and brings a lot of new perspectives and energy to the team. Her presence would best represent the brand Gucci where it is loved and liked by everyone. Vanessa is what the office needed and she brings very wholesome and caring energy!

Emma Hernan- Fendi

Emma is the definition of a powerhouse with her working on her own business and also being a part of the Oppenheim group at the same time which is super impressive. She is the definition of girl boss and the brand that would best represent her would be Fendi because she is timeless and also is always growing as a person both in her work and personal life.

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