How To Recreate Your Favorite ‘Euphoria’ Looks!

The groundbreaking HBO show Euphoria has shaped some of the latest fashion trends!  In honor of the new season, we’re taking a look at how to recreate the Euphoria aesthetic!

Since its release in 2019, the HBO show has become extremely popular for its intriguing storyline, unique characters, and trailblazing style.

Costume designer, Heidi Bivens, definitely made a statement with her creative choices for the show’s wardrobe. In honor of Euphoria’s new season, let’s take a look at how to recreate some of the iconic looks!

1. Eye Makeup

Euphoria’s eye makeup is known for its bright colors, glitter, and intriguing shapes. The key to recreating any Euphoria makeup is to make a statement. Whether it be for the color choice or the eye shadow shape, the show’s makeup never fails to leave an impression.

2. Hairstyle

No Euphoria look is complete without some sort of hairstyling. Bubble braids, updos, rhinestones, and glitter are all part of Euphoria-inspired hairstyles.

@itsmeganlucy Euphoria hair style tutorial 💜 I’m obsessed with this song! @abbyroberts #euphoria #hairtutorial #abbyroberts #foryou ♬ Paramaniac – Abby Roberts

3. Outfit

The teen drama’s characters all have distinctive styles. Each character’s wardrobe reflects their journey. To recreate any Euphoria outfit, Pinterest and Tik Tok are your best friends. Whether you want to create a character-inspired look or a more unique outfit, social media is the place to look.

@priya.mia i feel like this season is going to break my heart #euphoria #euphoria2 #outfits ♬ EUPHORIA CHARACTER VOICES – livvyyy

Social media has given the show’s styling its own twist. Here are some more examples of Tik Tok’s twist on Euphoria looks:

@hayleybuix Who’s ready for tomorrow??:)) #euphoria #euphoriamakeup #euphoriaseason2 #fyp ♬ sonido original – taliaespinoza

In some ways, Euphoria has created a new genre of fashion where there are no rules. This newfound genre of style is special because it embodies creative freedom and self-expression.

We can’t wait to see what looks the show will continue to give us this season!

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