How To Celebrate Gossip Girl Day!

Today marks the 10th annual Gossip Girl Day – spend it living like Blaire Waldorf, Serena van der Woodsen, Dan Humphry, Chuck Bass, and the rest of Manhattan’s elite!

Hey Upper East Siders — AfterBuzz TV here, your one and only source to the holiday that celebrates Manhattan’s elite. That’s right, there is in fact a day dedicated to your favorite TV show, Gossip Girl. In 2012, then-Mayor of New York City Michael Bloomberg declared January 26 Gossip Girl Day in New York City to celebrate the way the original show highlighted New York.

Eager to have your own Constance-worthy celebration for this momentous occasion? Here are some of the best ways to commemorate the 10th annual Gossip Girl Day.

Places to Go:

If you live in New York, there a few spots any true Gossip Girl fan would have to visit on January 26th.

  • Steps of the Met – You couldn’t celebrate Gossip Girl without a trip to the Met steps.
  • Empire Hotel – The infamous hotel Chuck Bass fought so hard (and traded Blair for) is a Gossip Girl and New York landmark.
  • Tiffany’s – If you’re more of a Blair than a Serena, you absolutely must visit Tiffany’s, just like Blair did in a season one dream sequence. Live out your (and Blair’s) Breakfast at Tiffany’s dreams — the Queen Bee would expect nothing less.
  • Gossip Girl Sightseeing Tour – No, your eyes aren’t deceiving you — there is an actual sightseeing tour for all the major landmarks of the show!

Things to Do:

  • Buy croissants – Blair and Serena’s favorite breakfast and Sunday tradition are an absolute must today.
  • Make Waffles – If croissants aren’t your thing, whip up some of Rufus’ famous waffles.
  • Watch Breakfast at Tiffany’s – If you don’t have HBOMax to stream the show, the next best thing is Blair’s favorite movie.
  • Wear a makeshift prep school uniform (or at least a preppy outfit) – Bonus points if you rock a headband.


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Episodes to Watch:

The ultimate way to celebrate your favorite show on its special day is to re-watch it.

  • The Pilot – Seriously, what is more nostalgic than Serena’s grand return to NYC set to “What Goes Around Comes Around”
  • Every Thanksgiving Episode – Second only to Friends, Gossip Girl undeniably has some of the best Thanksgiving specials of all time.
  • “New Haven Can Wait” – Blair and Serena’s friendship takes a serious turn when the duo has one of their oh-so-famous showdowns at Yale.
  • “The Goodbye Gossip Girl” – The non-judging Breakfast Club graduates high school — a pivotal moment in the show.
    Summer, Kind of Wonderful. The Constance crew in the Hamptons + that fabulous white party = television perfection.
  • Series Finale – The wedding gowns? “Three words, eight letters”? The long-awaited reveal of Gossip Girl? You can’t not watch the series finale on a day like today.


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