How Taylor Swift’s “Bejeweled Music” Video Hints At Her Next Album!

Swifties are at it again! Taylor Swift’s new music video for her song “Bejeweled” may have revealed her intentions of releasing Speak Now (Taylor’s Version)! Here are the Easter eggs she left behind that Swifties are reeling over!

Taylor Swift’s second Midnights music video for her song “Bejeweled” wasn’t just shiny, gorgeous, fun, and starring Laura Dern and Pat McGrath. After doing some digging, as Swifties are apt to do, fans discovered many Easter eggs Taylor left in the music video that strongly hints at Speak Now (Taylor’s Version) being the next album in the line-up to be re-released. Here’s a tweet citing all the evidence we’re about to present and explain to you in this article:

The Elevator

When Taylor gets into the elevator in the music video, there are two major things about the elevator that hint at the next album being Speak Now (Taylor’s Version). First, there are 13 colored buttons in the elevator for each floor. Taylor hits the button for floor 3, which is colored purple–Speak Now’s color. The previous buttons are teal and yellow for Taylor Swift and Fearless, and the following buttons are red, turquoise, black, pink, light blue, and tan–these are for the albums Red, 1989, reputation, Lover, folklore, and evermore, all in order of release. Then we see repeated colors, we see the yellow and red buttons again for Fearless (Taylor’s Version) and Red (Taylor’s Version) before we finally get to the dark blue button for Midnights. But, right above them all is a purple button, the same purple as button no. 3, telling us Speak Now (Taylor’s Version) is coming up next in the line-up.
Second, on the elevator car indicator that displays all 13 floors and points to which floors Taylor’s heading to, we see the colors again. She stops at 3 (Speak Now), then 5 (1989), then goes all the way to 13 (Speak Now [Taylor’s Version]). We see the repetition of colors more clearly here, and can clearly see that Floor 4’s red color is the same as Floor 11, Floor 2’s yellow is the same as Floor 10, and Floor 3’s purple is the same as Floor 13. Not only does that hint at Speak Now (Taylor’s Version) coming next, but the order in which Taylor visits floors indicates that 1989 (Taylor’s Version) will be coming up after that. How exciting!

“Enchanted” plays at the beginning

At the front of the music video, an instrumental of “Enchanted,” an iconic Speak Now song, plays softly in the background. It fits the fairytale theme of the music video almost too perfectly, as the song “Enchanted” is all about meeting a man at a party and immediately becoming smitten–fitting in with the Cinderella parody the music video is playing with. It also lets us know that a Taylor’s Version of the song is in the works!

“Long Live” plays at the end

The previous Easter egg is bolstered even more by the end of the music video, where an instrumental version of “Long Live,” another fan favorite Speak Now song, plays along to Taylor’s triumph of receiving a castle of her own. At this castle, there are multiple dragons climbing along the side of the castle–a direct reference to the song “Long Live,” the lyrics going, “I had the time of my life / Fighting dragons with you.”

The Fashion

As Taylor approaches the third floor–the Speak Now floor as we’ve established–her hair and makeup then reflect what Taylor looked like during the Speak Now era. She has her hair long and wavy, with no bangs in sight. Her makeup is sparkling and in a wing not so different from the wing she sports on the Speak Now album cover. Similarly, when she reaches the fifth floor–the 1989 floor–her hair is in a short, 1950’s style wavy bob with a sparkling bodysuit, mimicking the style she sported in her 1989 era. Of course, this comes directly after her Speak Now era stylings, further cementing the order in which she will be releasing these re-releases.

Plus while she’s in her pink, Marie Antoinette-style look as she poses with the Prince (Jack Antonoff), she has hair pins in her hair that are the letters SN–standing for Speak Now, perhaps? They match her TS hair pins she wears, standing for her own name, that she sports while wearing her yellow dress at the end, so it is very possible the SN pins stand for Speak Now.

The Release Date

This one is just as clever as it is sneaky, as the “Bejewled” music video was released October 25th, 2022–the twelfth anniversary of Speak Now.

So there you have it folks, all the most compelling evidence from the “Bejeweled” music video that Speak Now (Taylor’s Version) is going to be released next. Make sure to go watch the music video if you haven’t already, and prepare yourselves for the drop Taylor’s Version of her third studio album!

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