Hot Miles Teller Movie Moments!

We’re sharing five hot Miles Teller moments in movies that will make you blush!

With his loving personality and hot physique, Miles Teller has been a heartthrob since the beginning of his career.

From Top Gun: Maverick and Whiplash, to 21 & Over and Project X this American actor can do it all.

So, it’s no wonder everyone has a crush on him! Here are five hot Miles Teller movie moments.

Top Gun: Maverick

Who knew mustaches were back? Thanks to Teller, they are back and better than ever! There hasn’t been this much buzz about a stache since Tom Selleck. But, that’s certainly not the only thing about the actor that caught eyes and dropped jaws. “Take my breath away” is an understatement after seeing the infamous Top Gun beach scene recreated. Teller really came to play, and it’s not only football! From his rocking dance moves to chiseled, sun-kissed abs, he’s stealing hearts one at a time.

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Even though Teller’s character couldn’t quite dance, his wackiness and willingness to try makes him that much hotter. And, the fact that he’s an athlete gives him brownie points! His smile and personality in this 2011 recreation of Footloose gets him an absolute head turn. He may not be the “bad boy” but do not take his simplicity for granted, especially in a cowboy hat, boots and once he gets his confidence on the dance floor.

Bleed For This

Teller fighting in the ring is something we didn’t know we needed until now! If you think his hot physique and steller bod is a lot in Top Gun: Maverick, this is game over for fans, particularly when the robe comes off and the gloves come on. Just like his character said in this film, he should be on a box of Wheaties and in a Gatorade commercial. But, what else makes a man hot? Their hard work, drive and passion for what they do. Teller does not fall short in that category!

The Spectacular Now!

Teller in a romance drama! That’s it, that’s the statement. His chemistry in this movie alongside Shailene Woodley makes him even more attractive. It’s always the popular guys and the introverted girls who make each other blossom and truly find themselves. In the woods scene he tells Woodley’s character, Aimee, that she is absolutely beautiful and then kisses her; it’s pure magic and we are totally here for it! It is heart-melting to see him pushing her to get what she wants out of life.

21 & Over

Guess Teller was doing his squats leading up to this wild, over-the-top role? From serious films to outlandish comedies, Teller has it all. He definitely does not shy away, even in the widely obscene nude moment in 21 & Over. Not much is left to the imagination, seeing the movie star strutting around wearing nothing but a tube sock. But, who is complaining? Funny enough, in an interview, he said that this would be the first time since he was a kid that his mom would be seeing his butt.

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