Hightown S1 E6 & 7 Recap & After Show: P-Town!

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One woman’s life of boasting her authority to seduce women is interuppted when a murder pulls her into the middle of Cape Cod’s heroin epidemic. Join us on the HIGHTOWN AFTERBUZZ TV AFTER SHOW PODCAST as we dive into the seedy side of beautiful Cape Cod. Subscribe and comment to stay up to date.

Episode Recap

Things have really taken a turn for the worse in P-town, specifically for Junior. We all knew he was on a slow spiral to hit rock bottom but Krista’s death really sped that up. Junior has become a soldier according to Osito who was quick to show his allegiance to Junior when he chose not to kill him despite Frankie’s orders. But even though Osito May have saved Junior, he could not save himself from the needle. Ironic and sad that Krista was suppose to be the one to overdose. Really makes you wonder if Junior had been honest with Donna or Jackie would he be dead right now? But Jackie is onto him. She continues to investigate everything to find out that Junior was involved with Sherry’s death. She also decides to visit Rene at the strip club and to make matters even worse, she visits Frankie in jail. Little does she know that she came face-to-face with Sherry & Krista’s killer and that she has seen Junior for the last time. What we really don’t know what’s come in the season finale is what will happen between Ray and Rene. Real feelings seem to be there but honesty and trust seem to still be missing. We know that Frankie isn’t happy about their new relationship so a happily-ever-after is probably off the table. Let’s hope the season finale answers all our questions.

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