Hidden International Gems of Netflix

If you ever find yourself saying “I have watched everything on Netflix”, here is a list of international Netflix Original series you have to watch.

Netflix has been killing it with their original content, especially with their numerous series. With their original shows, Netflix owns all the rights to the titles and can stream them anywhere in the world, meaning that all international Netflix Original series are available to watch in the United States. We all know Money Heist, Lupin, Who Killed Sara?, and Dark, but there are tons more international shows Netflix has for us.

Here is a list of hidden international gems of Netflix.

Osmosis – France

All Black Mirror fans need to watch this Netflix France original series. The sci-fi show introduces a new dating app that can find your perfect match by digging deep into your brain and all your best-kept secrets. I mean what could go wrong?

Nobody’s Looking – Brazil

Fans of The Good Place will love this Netflix Brazil Original. The show tells the story of what is behind human “luck” – a guardian angel’s hard work. Ulisses is the first angel in 300 years to join Angelus System – a surprisingly bureaucratic afterlife management system.

Cable Girls – Spain

This Netflix Spain Original is a historical series following four telephone operators in 1928 Madrid. The audience gets an inside look into the lives and careers of women at a time of emerging gender equality, but yet still heavily restricted by a male-dominated society.

Singapore Social – Singapore

If you like Reality TV, you have to check out Singapore Social. From love drama to career-defining decisions, Singapore Social shows you the reality of six young and active friends trying to navigate career, love, friendships, and family life in Singapore.

Undercover – Belgium

Based on a true story, this Netflix original series is about two undercover agents trying to get dirt on a drug lord while posing as a happy couple at the campground where he likes to spend his weekends.

Sacred Games – India

India’s first-ever Netflix Original series is about an honest Mumbai cop who receives a call from a notorious crime lord who has been missing for over 15 years telling him that he has 25 days to save Mumbai before everybody in it will die.

The Rain – Sweden

The Rain tells a story of two siblings navigating the world after a deadly virus wiped out almost all of Scandinavia. Joined by a group of other young survivors, the teenagers are on a quest to find any signs of life in the post-apocalyptic world around them.

Babylon Berlin – Germany

This German neo-noir series shows us an insight into Berlin during the late years of the Weimar Republic. Through the eyes of a young detective, we get a glimpse into the glamorous life of the Roaring Twenties while also learning the story of Germany’s political developments leading the country to National Socialism.

How To Sell Drugs Online: Fast – Germany

The German series shares a story of a 17-year-old high schooler creating Europe’s largest online drug business from his bedroom to impress his ex-girlfriend. Inspired by real events, the show is surprisingly hilarious and also has incredible cinematography.

3% – Brazil

This Brazilian dystopian series shows a distant future world where most of the population lives in an impoverished Inland. When you turn 20, you get a chance to move to a paradise-like virtual Offshore island but to make it to that 3% you have to pass a series of tests.

The Fabulous Lives of Bollywood Wives – India

If you have watched all Real Housewives already, check out The Fabulous Lives of Bollywood Wives to get an insight into the luxury lives of four fun-loving Bollywood wives. Watch women juggle career, family, and friendships while wearing chic outfits and attending extravagant parties.

One More Time – South Korea

The Korean drama tells a story about an indie band singer who finds himself reliving the same day over and over trying to save his girlfriend from an unlucky fate.

Call My Agent – France

The French comedy series follows agents from the top Paris talent firm as they attempt to keep their star clients happy and business afloat while also trying to keep their own sanity intact. Call My Agent also includes many cameos with French actors playing caricatures of themselves in the show.

Sci-fi, comedy, reality tv, drama, historical shows – international Netflix has plenty to satisfy any and all of your binge-watching cravings. Next time you find yourself saying “I have watched everything on Netflix”, make your way to the international tv show section and watch one of these hidden gems. You can thank me later.

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