Here’s What Fan Thought Of ‘American Horror Stories’

American Horror Stories, the new spin-off of American Horror Story, has premiered, and fans had a lot to say! We’re letting you know just what the fans thought. 

It’s finally here! American Horror Stories has aired and fans are raving over the new series.

American Horror Stories started off with the traditional AHS intro and it is music to our ears. The clips used left more to our imagination than in the past and didn’t reveal much about the theme.

It has officially been 10 years since Season 1 “Murder House” aired. Now we’re back since the first 2 episodes of American Horror Stories are set in the haunted house. Fans are feeling this throwback hardcore. “Murder House” is one of my personal favorite seasons, I was LOVING IT! Seeing the familiar house back on my screen sent me back to the Violet and Tate saga. If you haven’t watched Season 1 of American Horror Story, then I would definitely watch that before starting the spin-off to get the back story.

You can’t get anything past AHS super-fans. They even spotted Kaia Gerber, playing Ruby, wearing Tate’s iconic shirt from AHS Season 1. The horrific mentality that the house brings upon its residences has also transitioned between the original series and the spin-off with Tate’s theme song of chaos, “Kill Bill”, being passed down to Scarlett.

With the trailers of American Horror Stories promising new nightmares in every episode, fans are having a blast with the parenting drama from the first 2 episodes. The spin-off had its fair share of comedic relief.

Usually, AHS is known for using lots of the same actors and actresses throughout the seasons, but American Horror Stories has brought in lots of new names and faces to their show. Fans have already taken a huge liking to some of the cast members such as Paris Jackson and Aaron Tveit.

Although fans thought it would be a different plot for each episode, it was the same storyline for the first two episodes. However, fans were just happy to get any content at all.

Thank you, Ryan Murphy and Brad Falchuk for bringing us the content that we all love! Can’t wait to see what is next!