Harry Styles’ ‘Golden’ Music Video Takes Over Twitter

Harry Styles released his latest music video for ‘Golden’ today and fans have been going crazy for it!

Everyone’s favorite starboy, Harry Styles, released his latest music video today!

The music video is for his song “Golden” off his 2019 album “Fine Line.” You’re probably very familiar with this album, but in case you need a refresher: hits “Watermelon Sugar” and “Adore You” were also featured on it.

Styles posted a teaser for the video on Sunday, hyping his fans up with anticipation. Within the first hour of the video’s release on Monday morning, #Golden was already trending on Twitter.

With all this excitement from fans online, we thought we’d take a look at some reactions to the video!

This user took it upon themself to hilariously edit Harry Styles into an art museum. This perfectly captures how we felt watching the video. The beautiful colors, camerawork, and style, made the video feel like an art piece.

This fan shared a throwback pic of Harry six years ago and compared it to him now. We totally agree – Harry has always been (and always will be) golden!

Much of the video consisted of Harry running along the coastline in cinematic style. This fan suggests it could be their new workout regime. I would like to second this and propose a “Harry Styles Workout Group.”

This artist created some stunning fanart of Harry in the video! The talent is impeccable.

And finally, this user said what we have all been thinking: Harry Styles can pull off ANY outfit he wants.

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