Why Harry Styles Singing ‘Ever Since New York’ Is A Big Deal.

Harry styles sang “Ever Since New York” for the first time in 4 years on his fifteenth consecutive night at Madison Square Garden. We’re explaining why it’s such a big deal!

Harry Styles sang “Ever Since New York” after four years and fans are going crazy over this performance. One, because he hasn’t performed it for so long, two, because he sang it in New York on the final night of his 15 residency shows; and three because he sang it shortly after he got awarded a banner at Madison Square Garden.

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Here’s a little background information on the importance of this song. Back in 2017 Styles released his first self-titled album featuring the song “Ever Since New York”. He wrote the song right after finding out the news about his step-father’s cancer diagnosis. This is obviously very emotional as the lyrics explain how he was feeling during this time. Lyrics such as “Brooklyn saw me, empty at the news… I’ve been praying ever since New York” refers to him being in Brooklyn, New York when he was notified of the situation.

Ever since his self-titled album tour, every song besides “Ever Since New York” has appeared in his other concerts. Harries (Styles fanbase) have wanted to see him sing it live for so long; many of his die-hard supporters will say this is one of their favorite songs of the HS1 era. “I saw this for the first time in 2018 at MSG when he toured for HS1. The nostalgia I felt,” a fan commented on a TikTok video of him performing the song at his 2022 concert.

After all of the amazing moments shared this night at MSG, his singing this song makes it extremely special. We didn’t expect the song to be sung considering he hasn’t sung it live in years, and he also didn’t sing it at any of his other MSG residency shows.

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Styles became teary-eyed out of joy after receiving the banner put up at MSG for him– this was his ‘I made it’ moment. Fans know that “Ever Since New York” is about his step-dad (Robbin Twist) who he cared for very deeply; and when he sings it, we assume it makes him feel closer to his step-father. We are all under the impression that by singing this song after experiencing something so life-changing in his career, and after finishing 15 consecutive shows; he was able to feel connected to his family even though they weren’t physically there with him.

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