Guide to Paris Hilton’s Pets

They say diamonds are a girl’s best friend, but tiny dogs in handbags come in at a close second. No one has proven that more than Paris Hilton, and so you don’t get them mixed up we have a guide to all her dogs!

Paris Hilton is the pioneer of social influencers. The Hilton Hotel heiress made a name for herself in early 2000s as a socialite, business woman, actress, and model, but above all a huge dog lover. Paris is responsible for starting the dog-in-a-handbag trend which was an influential part of the early 2000s aesthetic. Today, her dogs have Instagram and TikTok accounts and live in a poolside mansion. Meet Paris’ iconic tiny dogs!

Diamond Baby

We all know and absolutely love Diamond Baby. Paris and this tiny teacup Chihuahua are inseparable – together they go shopping, attend red carpet events, and even travel. Diamond Baby hasn’t missed a single vacation since 2016, what a life to live!

Marilyn Monroe

Marilyn Monroe is a blonde Pomeranian bombshell. Paris is a big fan of the actress and decided to commemorate the queen with her adorable puppy.

Harajuku Bitch

Paris adopted this Pomeranian while she was shopping in Japan. The iconic name was inspired by Gwen Stefani’s Harajuku Girls and Paris’ trip to the district. Harajuku Bitch is known for his expensive taste as Paris posts many pictures of him rocking designer looks.


Paris’ now fiancé surprised her with this adorable teacup Pomsky for their anniversary in August of 2020. The puppy is a Pomeranian mixed with Siberian Husky and has beautiful blue eyes. The name Slivington comes from Paris’s catchphrase “sliving” which is a blend of slaying and living, so we all know that Slivington is living her best life.

Princess Paris Jr. and Prince Hilton, The Pom

The Teacup Pomeranians might as well be royalty as Paris has purchased these two tiny puppies for $25,000 from Betty’s TeaCup Yorkies, known for their expensive celebrity dogs. Prince Hilton was supposedly the smallest Pomeranian in the world when Paris adopted him and was initially named Mr. Amazing. Princess Paris Jr. loves to be on camera and has accompanied Paris to many of her photoshoots. In May of 2020 Paris gave the two Poms a makeover with Princess Paris Jr. rocking pink fur and Prince Hiton blue.

Prince Baby Bear

Prince Baby Bear is another dog Paris adopted while on a trip to Japan. Baby Bear is a Pomeranian and he is so cute and fluffy it’s hard to believe he’s even real!

Crypto Hiton and Ether Reum

The two adorable tiny Poms are the newest additions to the Hilton Pets Family. Names Crypto Hilton and Ether Reum are an ode to Paris’ passion and love for cryptocurrency. Earlier this year she launched her own collection of NFT selling for over $1.11 Million.

Tinkerbell and Peter Pan

We can’t talk about Hilton Pets without bringing up the legends Tinkerbell and Peter Pan. The two iconic Chihuahuas were the pioneers of the dog-in-a-handbag trend so hail to them for shaping our early 2000s aesthetic. Tinkerbell and Peter Pan have made their appearances in The Simple Life and Saturday Night Life, as well as every boutique on Rodeo Drive. Unfortunately, after 14 unforgettable years together Tinkerbell passed away in early 2015.

To keep her fur friends happy, Paris has built a luxury mansion in her backyard with a poolside view that is estimated at $325,000. The Spanish colonial style mansion has two floors and features a balcony that gives the famous dogs a beautiful view of Los Angeles. The doggy mansion also has built-in air conditioning that is controlled from the exterior of the house.

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