Games That Should Be Played On ‘Squid Game’ Season Two

After finishing the first season of Squid Game all we can think is what games will we get if there is a season 2. Here are 5 possible games that we would love to see! 

Imani Williams

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Posted On: October 18th, 2021 6:02 pm pst

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games to play on season 2

Credit: Netflix

Right now one of the most popular shows on Netflix has to be Squid Game. For those who haven’t watched it yet, I’m begging you to check it out; I promise you won’t regret it. 

I’m hoping that we all get a season two of Squid Game, and if we do, here are 5 games that we think the new participants should play! 

Game One: Dodgeball 

The rules would be pretty simple!

There will be a machine that throws out dodgeballs at a pretty fast speed and the only responsibility in the game would be TO NOT GET HIT! 

There would be three different rounds and only the strongest and most tactful will make it to game #2! 

Unfortunately, if a participant gets hit, they of course get eliminated and we all know what that means. 

This game was probably one of my favorites to play growing up either during gym or at recess. It is not the easiest game to win and can get messy, but it sure is fun!

Game two: Duck Duck Goose 

Who remembers this game from their childhood? 

All contestants will be sitting in a circle except for the person who is “it.” That person will go around the circle and tap the other contestants on the head saying “duck,” until they decide to say “goose.” 

The person who is now the goose will chase the “it” person and try to tag him/her before the “it” person steals their seat!

If the person who is the goose successfully tags the “it” person before they sit down, then the “it” person will be eliminated and the goose becomes “it.” 

If the “it” person sits down before getting tagged, then the goose will be eliminated and a new “it” person will be chosen. 

Game three: Uno

We all know how intense a game of Uno can get and this would be a perfect game for the show! 

Everyone will get 7 cards and whoever is the last person to get rid of their card gets eliminated, but here are the rules: “Stackies” are NOT allowed. 

Stackies mean you are not able to stack multiple cards during your turn. One card goes down per turn! 

You must say “uno” when they have one card left, if anyone forgets to shout it out you know the drill… elimination! 

Game four: Simon Says

This game is extremely popular and the rules here are simple. 

There will be a leader, Simon, and the rest of the players have to do everything that Simon says. 

There is an occasion where you would NOT listen to Simon: If you follow ANY command without the leader saying “Simon says” in front of it…. You will be eliminated

Participants will have 5 seconds to do whatever Simon asks and if the task isn’t completed in time, they will be eliminated!

Game five: Hide-and-seek 

This game is pretty simple and I’m sure we all know how to play it!

The last few contestants will play hide and seek with a total of three rounds. The people who get found the most will in fact… be eliminated!

I’m sure I’m not the only one who is praying for a second season of Squid Game

These games are simple and fun but if you were playing under pressure and for your life would you survive?

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