Follow the cast of ‘Love is Blind’ Season 2!

Love is Blind is back for its second season!  A fresh group of singles is ready to date, fall in love, and hopefully, get engaged.  Here is where you can keep up with the new cast during their journey!

The hit show Love is Blind will premiere on February 11 with five new episodes. The Netflix original is all about singles who fall in love without seeing each other. Instead, they only get to see each other after they get engaged! 

Here’s a list of the new pod squad and where to follow them.  

First, let’s meet the men. 

Vito Salamone 

The 33-year-old contestant is a pizzeria owner looking for love.

Instagram: @vito823

Rocky Smith

The frequent traveler, Rocky Smith, is a 30-year-old executive hoping to fall in love. 

Instagram: @rocky_nobullwinkle

Shayne Jansen 

Meet Shayne Jansen, a 32-year-old realtor from Chicago.

Instagram: @shaynejansen

Nick Thompson 

The 36-year-old contestant seems to be quite the dog lover.

Instagram: @nthompson513

Salvador Perez

Salvador Perez is an executive assistant from Texas living in Chicago. 

Instagram: @salvadior08

Kyle Abrams

Kyle Abrams is a relatively young contestant and a glazier. 

Instagram: @kyleabrams10

TikTok: @kyleabrams10

Julius Cacho

Julius Cacho is one of the older contestants on the show.  The 39-year-old doesn’t have social media, so we’ll have to wait to meet him. 

Joey Miller

Joey is a 30-year-old business strategy consultant promising to make the love of his life smile every day. 

Instagram: @millerj5001

Jeremy Hartwell 

Jeremy is a 36-year-old director and entrepreneur. 

Instagram: @jjhrtwll

Jason Beaumont

Jason is one of the few contestants with a very active social media account.  The flight attendant shares content about his travels. 

Instagram: @travel.with.jb

Jarette Jones

Jarette Jones is a man of many virtues.  The 32-year-old is a project manager, podcast host, sneaker dealer, investor, and barber. 

Instagram: @thejjones_05

Haseeb Hussain

Haseeb is a 28-year-old lawyer who has grown to more than 300,000 Tik Tok followers offering legal advice. 

Instagram: @haseeblegal

Tik Tok: @haseeblegal

Brian Ngo 

Brian Ngo seems to be a busy man. The 32-year-old is a professor, advertising strategist, marine veteran, and Doctor of Psychology. 

Instagram: @brianqngo

Brandon McGhee

Brandon is among the contestants with a large social media presence.  The 36-year-old is an insurance broker and fitness lover. 

Instagram: @classik_blk

Abhishek Chatterjee

Abhishek is a 33-year-old veterinarian who uses social media to “help humans achieve self-love and success through guidance, healing, & accountability”. 

Instagram: @thepuppydoc

Now it’s time to meet the women: 

Chassidy Mickale

Chassidy is a 34-year-old contestant who knows all things beauty. She is a hairstylist, makeup artist, and image consultant looking for love

Instagram: @chassidymickale

Aja Johnson

Aja is a 28-year-old paralegal already killing it in the social media game with over 15,000 followers. 

Instagram: @aja.mj

Caitlin McKee

Caitlin is a 31-year-old working in medical sales.  She recently shared with her followers that this season is “my latest leap of faith in finding love.”

Instagram: @caitlinmckee

Juhie Faheem

The 31-year-old therapist barely has any posts on her social media.  We’re anxious to get to know her more!

Instagram: @juhiefaheem

Hope Antoniello

Hope is a 32-year-old sales manager looking for someone to take her for who she is. 

Instagram: @hopeant

Danielle Ruhl

Danielle is a 29-year-old associate marketing director.

Instagram: @dnellruhl

Deepti Vempati

Deepti is a 31-year-old information data analyst ready to “light up the life” of her loved one. 

Instagram: @lifewithdeeps

Iyanna McNeely

Iyanna McNeely is a 27-year-old program coordinator.  She shared on social media that she is super excited to be on the Netflix show. 

Instagram: @iyanna.amor

Kara Williams

Kara Williams is a 32-year-old animal lover based in Chicago.  Her social media is aesthetically pleasing!

Instagram: @kara_williams

Mallory Zapata 

Mallory is a 32-year-old Communications manager.  She’s warning her future lover that “I have a really big German Shepherd. And she sheds a lot. But we’re a package deal”. 

Instagram: @malloryzapata

Natalie Lee

Natalie is one of the younger contestants on the dating show.  The 29-year-old is a consulting manager based in Chicago. 

Instagram: @natalieminalee

Olivia Harris

Olivia is a 29-year-old recruitment partner. In “Meet the Cast”, she warned her future partner that she doesn’t like to do the dishes, he’ll have to take over in that department. 

Instagram: @liv___harris

Shaina Hurley

Shaina is a freelance 32-year-old hairstylist.

Instagram: @shaina.hurley

Shea’na Grigsby

Shea’na is a 36-year-old event partnership director.  It seems like she is still a little private, so we won’t know much about her until the premiere. 

Instagram: @bobby_grigs

Trisha Frame

Trisha is a Chicago real estate agent with a relatively large following of over 8,000 people.  Her IG is a great way to get to know more about her!

Instagram: @trishachicago_

If you want to know more about the new pod squad, check out Netflix’s “Meet the Cast”. 

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