Five Of The Most Iconic Kristen Stewart Roles!

With her long and illustrious career, Kristen Stewart is no stranger to playing iconic and unforgettable characters. From ‘Twilight’ to ‘Spencer’ to ‘Crimes Of The Future’, Kristen Stewart has proven she is one of the best actors working today!

Bella Swan

The original book Twilight was released in 2005 and immediately became a bestseller. The movie would be released three years later in 2008 with Kristen Stewart portraying the leading lady, Bella Swan. The film instantly became an iconic adaptation of the beloved novel and Kristen Stewart quickly stole the hearts of audiences with her performance. Even today there are impressions on mainstream television and all over social media. Her iconic performance of an unforgettable character will never be forgotten for audiences all over the world.

Princess Diana

Princess Diana is one of the most world renown figures in all of the world. Pablo Larrain’s Spencer focuses on the Princesses mental health while on a winter vacation with the rest of the royal family as she struggles with her marriage to Prince Charles. Winning her first Oscar nomination, Stewart put on an excellent performance as she captures the emotional nuance and complexity of one of the most famous historical figures in modern day.

Snow White

Snow White was one of the first princesses to be coined by Disney, bringing them out of bankruptcy. Taking on such an iconic role was no problem for Kristen Stewart. Snow White and the Huntsman takes a twist on the original fairytale, having the Huntsman become Snow White’s protector. Although Kristen gave an incredible performance, one of the big controversies surrounding the film was when Kristen Stewart was seen kissing the director of the movie, Rupert Sanders, while still in a relationship with her Twilight co-star Robert Pattinson. This added to the hype of the film and really made this role iconic.

Sabina Wilson

The original Charlie’s Angel television show lasted from 1961 until 1981. It was a massive hit and at one point had over half of all viewership on television tuning in to watch the episodes. Packed with stars such as Kate Jackson, Farah Fawcett, and Jaclyn Smith, it was big shoes to fill for the stars of the 2019 remake. Taking on the role of Sabin Wilson, Kristen Stewart perfectly emulated the energy and atmosphere of the original show while adding a much needed modern twist to the source material.


Crimes of the Future is David Croenberg’s newest film. Following the story of a dystopian society where humans adapt to the growing synthetic environment, surgery becomes a thing of exhibition and pleasure. Kristen Stewart takes on an engagement role as a quiet, creepy, woman who is obsessed with the main character. This role subverts all the expectations of the audience who are used to seeing her play strong feminine roles. The film was so intense for some viewers that when it premiered at the Cannes film festival, there were reports of audience members walking out after the first five minutes. Even so, Kristen Stewart expertly pulls off this role and fully embodies the creepiness of the film.

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