Fictional LGBTQ+ Couples We Love!

Happy Pride month from our favorite TV couples like Cam and Mitch, Alex and Piper, and more!

What’s a better way to wrap up Pride month than with some of our favorite couples? Here are seven of our fave on-screen, fictional, LGBTQ+ relationships!

Ian & Mickey from Shameless

Ian and Mickey are a couple you would never expect together but we are here for it! Their chemistry is insane; they are constantly matching each other’s witty humor and sass while also balancing each other’s personalities out so effortlessly. The couple has worked so hard to stay together after dealing with multiple external factors that have tried to break them up, they’re true ride-or-die’s, to say the least.


Marceline & Princess Bubblegum from Adventure Time

Marceline and PB began as a friendly rivalry but quickly turned into something more. In the beginning, Princess Bubblegum stole Marceline’s shirt and once she found out, PB said she sleeps in it so Marceline let her hold onto it. Like any other couple, these two have had their ups and downs but see things in one another that others don’t. In one episode, Marceline called Princess Bubblegum nice, which surprised her; and in other episodes, they can be seen simply enjoying each other’s company and having the best time with each other! Quality time is definitely their love language.


Carlos & Seb from HSMTMTS

With so much talk about High School Musical, The Musical, The Series’ Nini and Ricky, fans are constantly looking over the show’s true IT couple, Carlos and Seb. The actors, Frankie Rodriguez, who plays Carlos and Joe Serafini, who palys Seb, qucikly made Disney history as the first actors on the network to sing a gay love song. The show can be found on Disney+ and their love song can be found below, check it out!

Casey & Lizzie from Atypical

Feelings can be complicated! Fans have been through an emotional rollercoaster with these two but they got back together in the end. They are high school sweethearts and so crazy in love with one another that we can’t get enough!


Kurt & Blaine from Glee

Also known as Klaine, this couple met back in season two and instantly hit it off. They quickly became inseparable best friends and with how well they match each other’s vibe it’s really no surprise that they ended up dating. They have been through it all with breakups, drama, new relationships, moving in together then separating, but ultimately finding their way back to one another. In the end, the pair got married in a double wedding alongside Santana and Brittany!


Alex & Piper from OITNB

These two are Orange Is The New Black OG’s. The couple went through it all within the close corners but ultimately found their way back to each other. Before Piper was released, she and Alex decided to get married while Nicky and Lorna officiated the wedding. Their loyalty to one another has always been top-tier as Piper vowed to wait on the outside for the remaining four years of Alex’s sentence until she could be released as well.


Cam & Mitch from Modern Family

Cam and Mitchell are the cutest! It was always so nice to see how different their parenting dynamic was when it came to Lily yet it somehow always complimented the other. With Cam’s antics and Mitch’s chaotic family, no one supported each other quite like they did.


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