Felix Feels the Heat; Acosta Returns to Mexico – S2 E3 ‘Narcos: Mexico’ Recap & Review

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If you loved Narcos, you’re going to love the spinoff Narcos: Mexico! Our hosts will break down all the episodes, diving into the world of DEA agents, drug cartel, and drama! The AfterBuzz TV NARCOS: MEXICO AFTERSHOW will be here for every episode with special segments and predictions of what’s to come!

Episode Recap

Verdin challenges DEA Agents during interrogation, until the agents try a harsher method. Felix expands his empire by partnering with Don Juan. However Felix’s associates from Sinaloa escalate the tension with his partners in Tijuana. Also in Tijuana, Benjamin ventures into a new drug business with Americans. Breslin spares Verdin’s life after getting a new name out of him, but this could come back to haunt him.

  • Today’s After Show Was Hosted By: Rachel Goodman, Elizabeth Pena, & Rob Styles

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