Fans Reactions to the Super Bowl!

From Usher’s half-time show to the Chiefs big win, this Super Bowl was filled with fun fan moments and unforgettable experiences!

Usher Halftime Show

For this year’s halftime show, Usher performed with Alicia Keys as well as Ludacris, Little John, H.E.R,, and Jermaine Dupri and fans had mixed reactions.

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Many people thought that even if Usher was good, nothing was going to top Rihanna’s iconic performance last year.

There was some speculation before the performance that Usher may be joined on stage by Justin Bieber in a recreation of their iconic music video “Somebody to Love”. Fans were a little sad to not have Bieber join the popstar on stage, but loved the iconic performance nonetheless.

@sgc_von Literally his best song man😔💔 #usher #halftimeshow #trending #viral ♬ original sound – &lt3

Even with the lack of Bieber, some fans couldn’t get enough and wanted Usher to play even more of his iconic discography. All in all, Usher gave us a great performance, even if Rihanna’s performance still lives on in our hearts.

Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift has been a topic of conversation surrounding football since she started dating the Chief’s tight end, Travis Kelce. After seeing her celebrate the Chief’s win, many fans joked that she was the real winner of the Super Bowl.

Many fans thought that this was the perfect ending to the relationship of the year.

Travis Kelce Yells At Coach

Things are bound to get heated during the biggest night of football, and this was particularly true for Travis Kelce. After being taken out of the game, he got directly in his coach’s face to let him know how he felt. Many fans did not appreciate this behavior even the Eagles wide end, AJ Brown, weighed in on the situation.


While the Super Bowl is the biggest night for football, it might also be the biggest night for brands. Commercials are a staple of the night and many fans had a lot of reactions to the different ADs.

Michael Cera being the founder of Cerave has been a meme online since January, and both the brand and the actor leaned into the bit to create an amazing commercial. Many people, like the fan above, have deemed this AD as the perfect commercial.

@carterpcs Temu’s Super Bowl Commercial was… interesting. #carterpcs #tech #techtok #temu #superbowl ♬ Funny – Gold-Tiger

Another AD that got fans talking was the Temu commercial. Temu is a retail app that allows people to buy trending items at a hugely discounted price. Many people believe that Temu is too good to be true, so seeing them with a commercial during the biggest nights for brands was a little surprising.

Chiefs Win

While many people were elated about the Chief’s big win, many people were also devastated to see the 49ers lose.

@natalientheaguilars faithful no matter what ❤️ heres the end of the game… ill post his reactions durring the game tomorrow or something when i can edit them, i cant watch these vids rn 😭 #theaguilars #dad #football ♬ original sound – natalie & the aguilars

Natalie Aguilar has gone viral on TikTok and Instagram for her family dynamic as well as her dad’s undying love for the 49ers. Many fans felt devastated for her father after she posted this video of his reaction to the loss. While we wish he could have gotten his victory, we are glad he is still in good spirits.

@badson21 Kansas City Chiefs Super Bowl Champions!!!! Reaction #xyz #xyzabc #superbowlliv #Chiefs #Mahomes #49ers #taylorswift #chiefskingdom @Chiefs @NFL ♬ original sound – BadSon21

Not everyone was upset that the Chiefs won, though. In this TikTok, this family is overjoyed to see them bring it home.

Nickelodeon Announcing

CBS was the main network airing the Super Bowl last night, but Nickelodeon got a piece of the action as well.

@butthatsmyopinion Who’s your favorite? #superbowl2024 #superbowl2024🏈 #superbowlsunday2024 ♬ original sound – But That’s My Opinion

There were plenty of jokes going around about the cartoon coverage. Nickelodeon seemed to have a lot of fun throwing around puns, animations, and different characters as announcers for the game.

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