Fans React To ‘Outer Banks’ Season 2

Outer Banks fans take to Twitter to share what they think of action-packed Season 2!

*Outer Banks season 2 spoilers ahead*

Outer Banks Season 2 aired on Netflix over a week ago and now that fans have had time to watch all 10 episodes, they have a lot to say about it.

Everyone is talking about Drew Starkey and his character on the show. The main villain of the season won over the hearts of fans with his incredible acting skills and good looks. We all have watched Rafe get crazier and crazies this season, but somehow we still can’t get enough of him.

Just like after season one, fans are obsessed with the Pogue’s friendship. Nothing screams friendship goals like escaping to a deserted island and being presumed dead all together, am I right?

People want to see #jiara!! We all expected Pope and Kiara to be the couple of the season, but we can agree that they are better off as friends. JJ and Kiara, on other hand, seem a little more than just buddies if you ask me (and hundreds of Outer Banks fans).

Pope is finally getting the screen time he deserves and fans are absolutely loving it!

Everyone is obsessed with the new character Cleo! We love a strong female lead and can’t wait to watch her join the Pogues in their crazy adventure next season.

We all had the same reaction to this scene.

No way we went through so many explosions and chases and the Pogues still don’t have the gold! Better luck next time, I guess.

And for now, we all are just (not so) patiently waiting for the next season.

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