Fans React To Gossip Girl’s Drama-Packed Mid-Season Finale

We are loving the new reboot of Gossip Girl on HBO Max! Here is what fans thought of the mid-season finale!

*Warning! The following contains spoilers for the mid-season finale of HBO’s Gossip Girl reboot.*

In the span of one episode, the Audrey/Max/Aki love triangle finally moves forward, the Obie and Julien cheating scandal emerges, and the teachers start even more drama, as usual.

In case you missed the episode, this sums it up pretty accurately.

Fans were thrilled to get the closure of this matchup that they have been wanting.

We are loving Monet, and fans are pointing out their hopes to make her more of the main character.

While fans loved the trio, people are really feeling Max and Audrey…

People seem to have mixed feelings about the Obie, Julien, and Zoya love triangle.

While most fans didn’t love Obie with Zoya, they still didn’t want to see him with Julien.

Whether you’re team Zoya or Julien, we can all agree that Obie is the real villain for coming between these iconic sisters.

Yeah, I think we are team Zoya on this one.

Everyone was on their worst behavior, it seems.

Say what you will about Julien and Zoya, but we can all agree that Obie is the common denominator in all their drama.

The teachers were up to their usual messy antics except made even worse by Rafa joining Kate and the gossip girl team.

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