Fans Go Crazy Over Chloe and Halle ‘Snub’

This year was the first-ever virtual award show for the VMA’s. Many fans were anticipating seeing some of their favorite artists win awards and perform a kick-ass performance! Even though many fans tuned in, they did catch certain things they wished were incorporated.

Super fans of the R&B duo Chloe and Halle were not here for the VMA’s and casting them as an opening act. In fact, some fans thought it was disrespectful for the R&B duo to not be a headliner. Some fans are using social media to express their feelings on the issue and aren’t afraid to voice their opinion. Chloe and Halle were nominated for ‘Best R&B’ and ‘Best Quarantine Performance’ but, unfortunately, didn’t win anything. Many fans were upset they didn’t win ‘Best Quarantine Performance’ because so many people loved their backyard performance for the BET awards.

Chloe X Halle still being treated like a small show opener when they’ve been outperforming almost the entire industry doesn’t sit right with me at all.

— (@IVYPARKSPR) August 31, 2020

Not only were fans upset about Chloe and Halle, but Kobe Bryant was also on the list. The VMA’s did a tribute to all of the celebrities who’ve recently passed away. Fans became upset when the VMA’s didn’t mention Kobe Bryant since he passed away in late January. Who else do you think the VMA’s left out of the tribute?

Why was Kobe Bryant not remembered at the VMAs last night? 2020 should be the year to honor the ones who have fallen no matter the platform it is on. Who agrees? #KobeBryant #VMAs2020

— Sarah Catherine Fichter (@weareentertain4) August 31, 2020

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