Fan Reactions to ‘The Golden Bachelor’ Women Tell All!

Did you watch ‘The Golden Bachelor’ candidates reunite at the Women’s Tell All? Find out if other fans were also left in tears of joy, laughter, and even heartbreak.

The first “Women Tell All” of The Golden Bachelor series premiered Thursday, November 9th on ABC. All the female candidates reunited live with host Jesse Palmer and faced their ex, Gerry Turner. The 74-minute episode is full of inspiration, heavy emotions, surprises, and some revelations – including who Gerry chooses as the last two candidates. Some fans deemed this filler episode the “most wholesome” yet. Let’s dive into some other insights from Bachelor Nation.

Susan Meets Doppelganger Kris Jenner!

Throughout the entire season, fans have been comparing Susan Noles, 66, to Keeping Up With the Kardashians star Kris Jenner. The short black hair definitely contributes to their uncanny similarities. As always, the show’s producers gave the viewers exactly what they needed.

Bachelor fans were ecstatic that the doppelgangers met, even hoping they will create a lasting friendship!

Jenner clearly approves of Susan’s fashion sense saying “You are amazing, I love your style. Love the hair. You nailed it, doll.” Susan, shocked by this encounter, bursts into tears of joy, and so did we!

Joan’s Unfinished Business and Potential New Golden Bachelorette?

Joan Vassos, 60, and Gerry were just hitting off in the third episode. However, their romance was cut short when she had to leave to deal with a family emergency. Joan tells host Jesse Palmer in the hot seat that she feels like she “had unfinished business” and “saw a future” with Gerry. Fans agreed with Joan and even believed she would’ve been the one if she hadn’t left.

However, according to Bachelor Nation, perhaps her journey is not over yet. They are predicting her to be the new Golden Bachelorette!

Justice for Faith

Faith Martin’s confrontation with Gerry definitely ignited the most reactions from viewers. Their encounter after hometowns was heartbreaking and vulnerable. The tell-all revealed that Gerry chose Theresa over Faith, which left many fans shocked, to say the least.

Viewers were committed to Gerry and Faith’s connection after they said the “L-word” to each other. Fans reminisced over the two’s deep connection.

He expressed that he was crushed by the fact that he didn’t keep his promise to “take care of her heart.” While fans were emotional, they were also angry at Gerry for leading her…and them on.

Ellen and Roberta

On the first episode of the season during her entrance, Ellen Goltzer, 71, comes out of the limo screaming, “Roberta! We made it!” Roberta was Ellen’s best friend who was diagnosed with cancer and urged her to apply for the show. While Ellen was in the hot seat, Palmer sadly revealed that Roberta passed away before the show premiered. People were left sympathetic to her loss and moved by their friendship.

The producers surprised Ellen with a special guest in the audience, Roberta’s daughter. Ellen embraced her with love and tears.


The Blooper Reel…and Sandra

Many tears were shed during this episode, including tears of laughter! The Golden Bachelor blooper reel had some funny and jaw-dropping moments. But Sandra Mason passing gas with a completely straight face knocked the wind out of all of us!

Every one of these women has not only left an impact on Gerry but on viewers as well. Ultimately, the choice lies between Leslie Fhima and Theresa Nist. Fantasy suites air next week, but stay tuned for Thursday, November 30th when he chooses his future wife.

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