Fan Reactions to Season Premiere of ‘The Voice’ Parts 1 & 2!

Season 24 of The Voice premiered on September 25, 2023, and continued the next day with a new episode. Here is what fans have been saying about the new season!

The new season of The Voice has been highly anticipated as many fans were excited for Reba McEntire to join the show for the first time. The returning coaches are John Legend, Niall Horan, and Gwen Stefani. The blind auditions have blown fans away so far; take a look at some of their reactions to the premiere episodes!

Jordan Rainer received a four-chain turn from all the coaches and she ultimately chose Reba McEntire as her coach. The majority of the comments on X knew that she would pick Reba and one user commented that she actually sounded like country star.

Joslynn Rose picked Gwen Stefani to be her coach. People praised the artist’s voice and one X user said good job to Gwen for turning for her.

Deejay Young chose John Legend as his coach. Many X users commented that he picked a good song choice and that they were getting chills from his voice. One user commented that he has a lot of talent and a great stage presence!

Sophia Hoffman decided to go with Niall Horan. The comment section on X was, mainly, welcoming her to Team Niall and one user was glad that she came back to The Voice to try again for a spot on the show.

Jackson Snelling went with Reba McEntire. He’s country, so not many people were surprised. An X user commented that he had the best voice so far and that he is going to thrive on Team Reba!

Olivia Minogue chose Niall Horan. Fans were excited she went with Niall and an X user said her voice was soulful.

Alexa Wildish went with Niall Horan and a lot of people loved her performance. An X user pointed out that Niall would love the song by Fleetwood Mac.

Kristen Brown picked Gwen Stefani as her coach. The majority of the comments on X were praising her for choosing Gwen because it looked like a good fit.

Mara Justine got all four chair turns from the coaches. Everyone was impressed by her voice and didn’t know who she was going to pick for a coach as the episode ended on a cliffhanger. She ultimately went with John Legend, and a TikTok user is already calling out that she could be the next winner.

@irishcabbyrrt2.0 #TheVoice #MaraJustine #JohnLegend ♬ original sound – IrishCabbyRRT2.0

Ruby Leigh decided to go with Reba McEntire. Some of the comments on X said it was so cool for her to yodel during the song and one user pointed out that her energy was infectious.

Juliette Ojeda picked Gwen Stefani. An X user commented that her performance was amazing and spectacular.

Julia Roome decided to choose Niall Horan as her coach. An X user said that singing that good at 13 is incredible, many of the other comments were like this.

Jenna Marquis went with Gwen Stefani. The comments on X were saying that she nailed the performance and one user even said that her voice gave off Gwen vibes!

Ephraim Owens received all four chair turns and he ended up picking John Legend as his coach. Many fans were saying that John got a great singer for his team and one X user said that they are excited for what’s to come with him being on Team Legend.

Fans are always excited for the coaches to compete with one another because it’s hilarious to watch. One X user noticed that Niall and Reba are going to be a funny duo based on the back-and-forth commentary they had with one another during the premiere.

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