Fan Reactions To Netflix’s ‘Damsel’!

Netflix recently released ‘Damsel’, starring Millie Bobby Brown, on March 8th and fans had a lot to say about the film!


Netflix’s most recent film has taken the internet by storm, becoming a sensation almost overnight. The casting, computer generated designs, and the story in general has all received acclaim online from dedicated fans!

International Women’s Day

The release date of Damsel was March 8th, which just so happened to coincide with International Women’s Day. The coincidence was pointed out by many fans as they celebrated how topical the themes and messages within the film were. The film narrative is centered around the strength and resilience of women, while celebrating the achievements that the main character makes against her oppressors. This is exactly what International Women’s Day aims to celebrate. Many fans believe there couldn’t have been a better release in commemoration for the day!

Millie Bobby Brown

Starring as the protagonist, Elodie, Millie Bobby Brown delivered a beautiful performance which captivated audiences. The story follows the main character as she fights her way out of a dragon’s lair, and in the end turns the tables on the people that put her down there. Millie’s performance emphasis the struggle that her main character goes through, making the experience of watching the film immersive and the emotion throughout palpable. Her portrayal of Elodie has many fans comparing her to other strong leading females such as Lara Croft or Samara Weaving from Ready or Not.

Angela Bassett

Millie Bobby Brown was not the only one who gave a stunning performance. Angela Bassett gave an amazing performance along along side the leading lady, causing fans online to celebrate her performance. In the film, Bassett takes on the role of Millie Bobby Brown’s stepmother who, with her father, sells her off to the kingdom that makes her a sacrifice. While this might make her a villain, Bassett’s character is also the only one who tries to warn the main character about her impending doom, causing her to be a fan favorite. Her performance is nothing short of stellar and gives a lot of emotional depth to the plot overall!

The Dragon

A standout element of the film for many fans was the dragon itself! The creature’s design and integral role within the narrative quickly drew audiences in, creating a new fan favorite. Initially the antagonist of the film, the dragon quickly shifts gears as it becomes Elodie’s sole ally. At the end of film, the dragon is the only one who helps her take revenge on the kingdom that used her as nothing more than a sacrifice. Fans love a comeback story, which is what both Elodie’s and the dragon’s storyline embodies.

If audience’s are looking for a new movie that is centered around a strong female lead, then this is definitely the movie for them. Damsel is currently available for streaming on Netflix!

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