Fan Reactions to ‘Dune: Part Two’!

‘Dune: Part Two’ has arrived! Here is what fans of the sci-fi sequel are saying about it! 

***Spoilers Ahead***

The desert planet Arrakis returns to the big screen for the second half of 2021’s sci-fi blockbuster, Dune! Denis Villenueve’s continuation of Frank Herbert’s classic novel has more than satiated fans of their hunger for the sequel, sharing their praise for the film on social media!

Picking up where Dune left off, Paul and Chani’s budding romance has grown into a full-on relationship between the foreign Caladanian and native, Fremen woman. Between shared moments alone atop sand dunes and fighting off the Harkonnens together in glorious scenes of combat, these star-crossed lovers are meant for each other!

Returning to the role of Paul Atreides, Timothee Chalamet blows fans away in his career-best performance as the Fremen’s prophetic savior and leader to victory against the opposing Harkonnens!

From her minor role in the latter half of the first film, to being a mainstay character throughout the entirety of Part 2, Zendaya has given fans exactly what they wanted from the Fremen warrior, Chani!

Austin Butler, who previously showcased his villainy as Tex Watson in Once Upon A Time in Hollywood, ups the ante as the maniacal nephew to Baron Harkonnen, Feyd Rautha. The Hollywood heartthrob is without charm or his signature, dreamy blue eyes and blonde hair in this outing, instead demonstrating disturbing behavior and violent tendencies towards, well, everyone he comes across!

Veteran actor Christopher Walken makes his latest film appearance here as Emperor Shaddam IV, exuding the type of commanding performance that only he can! Though 80-years-old, Walken exudes a sense of power and omniscience with every line delivery–keeping up with his much younger co-stars in quick-witted fashion.

With the Harkonnens defeated, the emperor dethroned and a new messiah to lead the Fremen on Arrakis, the film’s conclusion has left fans feeling overwhelmed and in disbelief of Paul’s quick ascent to power.

With director Villeneuve making it known that he would like to direct a third film covering Frank Herbert’s second novel in the six-book series, Dune Messiah–fans will have to wait until an official announcement and release date of a possible third movie.

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