Fan Reactions to Amazon Prime’s ‘Road House’!

Arriving 35 years after the release of 1989’s Road House,’ the all new film, directed by Doug Liman, offers fans a brand new cast and even more action than in the original, cult classic! 

The reimagining of the fan-favorite, 80s brawler flick has fans amped up and sharing their excitement over the film’s thrilling fight choreography and stunts, performed by Jake Gyllenhaal and former UFC Featherweight and Lightweight Champion Conor McGregor!

Fans are comparing the original film and its remake, with many favoring the nostalgic original and its leading men, Patrick Swayze as John Dalton and Sam Elliott as Wade Gerrett.

As Conor McMcGregor makes his acting debut as the film’s antagonist, Knox, many fans have wondered what took him so long to arrive on the big screen! The Irish mixed martial artist plays the type of villain you love to hate, delivering his lines through a menacing grin and causing pandemonium in every scene!

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