‘F Is For Family’ Review!

The upcoming season of F is For Family gives us a side of the show we’ve never seen before. Find out what we thought about Season 5 coming November 25th!

Crack open a cold one because Season 5 of F Is For Family is almost here! Here’s what we thought!

This season, they show a whole new side of the Murphy family. There were many blasts from the past into the start of Frank and Sue’s relationship giving us clarity as to where it all started. Their lives have changed in many ways, but a lot remains the same.

There is a strong emphasis on parenting in this season, more than any before. Season 4 ended with Sue and Karen, Vic’s girlfriend, both giving birth at the same hospital. While Sue and Frank have raised enough children to know how it works Vic has major struggles with the process.

The Murphy parents not only have to handle raising their newborn baby, but also their kids who are growing up quickly. The faster they are growing up the more trouble they get themselves into. Although Frank tries to keep calm, that usually doesn’t happen when in a predicament.

Aside from all of the family drama, Frank is yet again caught up in Mohican Airways’ problems at work. Bob Pogrohovich has abandoned the ship and new management is there to lay down the law. This isn’t even the start of all of the workplace shenanigans.

With the death of Big Bill, there is a lot of grief being processed. Every one of the characters is dealing with personal struggles in their own way and then to be so encapsulated by the problem at hand they tend to miss what is happening around them. When everything is said and done family is still family and there are still tons of laughs in this new season.

The Murphy family might be a hot mess, but aren’t we all? F Is For Family is coming on November 25th, so get ready! Find out more about upcoming Netflix shows here at AfterBuzz TV!