Exclusive Interview W/ Galadriel Stineman & Kevin Joy

Galadriel Stineman and Kevin Joy connected with Chelsie Overocker from The House of Hallmark to discuss their new movie Follow Your Heart premiering this Sunday, October 4th on The Hallmark Movies & Mysteries Channel.

Follow Your Heart is about a young woman named Kathy Yoder [Stineman] who left her Amish ways to pursue her career as a travel writer and experience life outside of her hometown. Having a successful career and an opportunity to launch her own television show with her boyfriend [Jonathan Patrick Moore] who is also career focused. Kathy still feels like something is missing with her life.

After receiving devastating news from her sister that their father has passed away. Kathy returns home to discover that living the simple life in the country is all she needs and starts developing feelings for her childhood best friend Isaac [Kevin Joy].

Not only do Galadriel and Kevin star as the two leads in this movie but they are a couple off screen.


“We have been married 10 years.”


“Just celebrated our 10 year anniversary.”


“By LA standards I think that’s 30 years or more. [laughs].

Galadriel and Kevin originally planned on taking a trip to Europe to celebrate but due to the pandemic their plans changed. Instead they spent the day getting out of the house, grabbed a Starbucks, and browsed the nursery section at Lowes.

While they were quarantined with their kids Galadriel and Kevin kept themselves busy by planting and working on their garden. But during quarantined it brought them closer together as a family.


“I think there are silver linings in everything. It’s nice because in the theme with this movie you can get so wrapped up in life and technology, and everything else. You can take a second to take a step back and breath. We get to spend more time together.”


“We never did consistent family dinners. We would be scrambling to feed them and then eat when we can. Maybe on weekends we sit down and eat together but we have done that literally every night.”

“It’s been good spending quality time together.” Kevin adds.

Not only do they have a close family but when the opportunity came for all of them to work together in Follow Your Heart they were excited to film a movie as a couple and have their children on set.


“From the beginning they liked our chemistry..both of our kids are in the movie too. They wanted the whole family. There are three boys that play my nephews. My sister’s son is in it. Two of them are our children. The baby is our Sawyer; he was two at the time. Then Atticus is the one that asked about my car.”


“My parents flew out with us to help take care of the kids so we were all there.”

We love that your family including your two sons were able to be part of this movie and there are so many wonderful scenes in Follow Your Heart. Do you have a favorite?


“It was such a great set but I especially loved the pond that we shot at where we had a lot of the flashbacks. It was just this gorgeous place to shoot. Incredible clouds and sunsets.

Galadriel loved the history of the town and enjoyed spending time at the cemetery where they shot a few scenes.

“It was so neat because it was one of the oldest things in the town. I went there even on a day we weren’t shooting because I just wanted to walk around and take in some of the history.”

This movie has many beautiful locations and one of our favorite scenes is when they captured the greenery of the country. Here is an exclusive clip of Kathy [Stineman] and Isaac [Joy] reminiscing about their childhood memories.

Follow Your Heart highlights the Amish lifestyle of living a simple life with no technology. Galadriel and Kevin state they wouldn’t mind taking a break from technology and spending more quality time with their family.


“I would say we’re kinda old fashion [laughs] don’t get me wrong we love technology and our TV and stuff but we do a lot of camping together..especially during this time our work has moved online and we get tired of it and we want to detox and we’re both gardeners as you can see the plants in the background [laughs]..I would welcome that.”

Kevin adds.

“We would spend weekends unplugged with the kids and it was amazing. You play board games. We started playing trains on the floor with our youngest son.”

In this film Kathy is accustomed to living a busy life that centers around her career that causes her to leave her Amish life behind to pursue her dreams including her old childhood best friend Isaac. We asked Galadriel if she was in a similar situation would she do the same?

“It’s a hard call and I think that’s what makes this movie unique and why I’m drawn to it because it’s not a cookie cutter situation…I think at the end you do the pro column you do the con column and if they are fairly even it’s what your intuition is telling you.”

We agree and that’s why we like this movie as well because this film shows us perspectives of both sides. At the end of the day you have to live a life that makes you happy.

Another reason you’re going to love this film is because all of the cast members have great on screen chemistry; especially Remi Hilson [Sarah] who plays Kevin’s on screen daughter.


“She was great! She was such a little pro and off camera so sweet and great to be around. On camera she would hit it left and right on what we needed. It was wonderful we had a great bond on set.”


“I was very impressed by how focused and consistent and how she could remember these lines. Sometimes in these movies they have brand new scenes the day before and you have to be ready to film them the next day…but I think she can do very well in this business.”

That’s why we love Hallmark because we always see our favorite actors in different movies and look forward to seeing everyone from this film star in more Hallmark films.

Make sure you all follow Galadriel and Kevin on social media because they also have some great projects coming up.


“I recently wrote my first romantic script and have been talking with a publisher to do the companion book to go along with it..this time has helped us where we need to create our own paths and not just wait for the opportunities we want to come our way.”

Follow Your Heart premiers this Sunday, October 4th on the Hallmark Channel and or for more Hallmark content follow and subscribe to the House of Hallmark.

Thank you Galadriel and Kevin for joining us and talking about the movie. We are excited for the upcoming projects you have planned. Please keep us updated!

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