‘iCarly’ Teases Huge Plot Twist: ‘There’s a major revelation about Spencer’!

Jerry Trainor, Nathan Kress, Laci Mosley, and Jaidyn Triplett joined AfterBuzz TV to discuss their characters’ exceedingly complex love lives, how the cast bonds off-screen, and their best advice on how to be funny.

Sitting down to talk to the iCarly cast, it’s clear the family you see on screen is simply a reflection of the family that exists behind-the-scenes–inside jokes, teasing and all.

From a socially-distanced start with all auditions and even cast introductions taking place over Zoom, the cast has only grown closer as they’ve gotten to work together in person and spend time bonding off-set. As they head into their third season, their off-screen relationships are closer than ever, while their on-screen ones are getting a *bit* more complicated.

Jerry Trainor, Nathan Kress, Laci Mosley, and Jaidyn Triplett joined AfterBuzz TV to discuss their characters’ exceedingly complex love lives (including Mrs. Benson’s impending wedding to Lewbert), cast bonding activities behind-the-scenes, and their best advice on how to be funny!

AFTERBUZZ: Jaidyn, I remember the first season you talked about auditioning and meeting the cast over Zoom because it was during the pandemic. Have you guys had a chance to hang out off-set more now that that’s over? What has that been like?

JAIDYN: Oh yes, definitely. Me, Laci, and Miranda, we always go on hikes, and we actually went to Disneyland–what was it, like a year or two ago?

LACI: Yeah, that was after the first season. And then we went to Jingle Ball this year!

JAIDYN: Oh yeah, we went to the concert! So yeah, we like to hang out outside of work.

NATHAN: They have their little lunch on set, too. They have little lunch dates in Miranda’s trailer where they go off and share the hot goss around the set.

LACI: Just a little jealous, Nathan?

NATHAN: I’m not jealous, I’m just saying as I’ve walked by and I hear all the laughter and giggling coming out, I’ve just maybe wondered if I ever was gonna get an invite. That’s all I’m saying.

JERRY: You’re not going to.


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AFTERBUZZ: Oh my gosh, that’s so funny. And Laci, I’ve only seen the first two episodes, but I love all of the scenes of you helping Carly with relationship advice. Those have been so fun to watch, so I’m excited to see the rest of that evolve. What has it been like creating that relationship onscreen and offscreen with Miranda now that you’ve been doing it for three years?

LACI: Miranda and I have a very unique relationship where it’s like, I met her and instantly we really clicked. We go to each other’s birthday parties, we go to dinner, we hang out, we take Jaidyn all over the town and everybody thinks we’re her two moms. I think that the relationship actually parallels itself pretty easily. Miranda and I will talk about our personal dating lives a lot with one another and give each other advice, and then Harper and Carly do the same thing. I don’t know if Harper should be giving advice all of the time, but also I don’t know if Laci should be either!

AFTERBUZZ: And Jerry, I know a big focus of this season is Creddie, but can you tell us if we can expect to see any more of Spencer’s love life coming up?

JERRY: Well…*laughs*

LACI: You get into some sexual situations…

JERRY: There’s a major revelation about how Spencer spent his time in the past 10 years between the old show and the new show, and I can’t say anymore about it–

LACI: A hobby.

JERRY: –but it’s gross. I don’t know, is it? It’s bizarre.

NATHAN: It’s just not what anybody would’ve expected from Spencer, I don’t think.

JERRY: It’s so bizarre. When I read it I went, “Alright, we’re doing this now. Here we go.”

AFTERBUZZ: That’s so funny. This is reminding me of last season when you posted for the new season, “The body count’s higher than ever.”

LACI: Wow, you really stuck that landing.

JERRY: I don’t remember posting that. I might have done that. Might have been late at night.


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AFTERBUZZ: And speaking of love, Mrs. Benson is engaged, which is very exciting. I wanted to ask you, Nathan–without giving any spoilers–in an imaginary world if you had to plan Mrs. Benson’s wedding, what do you think her dream wedding theme would be?

NATHAN: Biohazard. Everyone would just be in those hazmat suits and they’ve all got the little backpacks with all the chemicals and stuff. And then as they come back down the aisle, everyone’s spraying Lysol.

JERRY: Lots of wet wipes.

NATHAN: Yes, lots of wet wipes.

JERRY: Cleansers…

LACI: Spraying Lysol instead of throwing rice.

NATHAN: You’d have to be in the suit to protect your lungs from all the cleaning fumes and everything.

LACI: That’s beautiful.

NATHAN: And there would be no stickiness of any kind because “Sticky and wet makes mommy upset,” as we established from the beginning of the show.

JERRY: I have that tattooed on my body, by the way.

NATHAN: Does it appear on your body? But yeah, something along those lines. Just a general cleaning theme.


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AFTERBUZZ: Very touching. And one last question open for anyone who wants to answer: for someone who wants to get into comedic acting, what’s the best piece of advice that you’ve been given as a comedic actor?

JAIDYN: I’ve only been doing this for like nine years, so why don’t one of you?

NATHAN: “Only 90 percent of my life I’ve been doing this.”

JAIDYN: Why don’t one of you antiques go for it?

LACI: Probably the best piece of advice that I’ve gotten about comedy and performing, in general, is that performing is a gift. You’re giving something to someone and when you laugh at something, it’s because you find something true about it. There’s like some kind of connection, right? So I always say, if you wanna get into comedic acting, comedy is very scary. Nobody wants to be booed or hear a room full of crickets when their joke doesn’t land. But if you’re doing it in service of others and having a connection with them and having fun, it’s a lot easier to just hop right in. And don’t take yourself too seriously! We get most of that from him [Jerry].

JERRY: Hey! That’s great advice actually. I will piggyback on that. The advice I got was just trust that you’re funny, so don’t try to be funny. I like acting–I’m not a standup–I like acting comedically because it’s about teeing up the other person. You know what I mean? Make your partner funny. Don’t try to be the funny person. Make the other person funny because that makes you look funny. It’s symbiotic like that.

LACI: And we do that a lot. I would say most of Hollywood, most shows you’re on, if you were to pitch a joke to another actor, they might like, I don’t know, try to run you over with their car. It’s very tense. So to be with a cast that if we think something’s funny, we wanna be like–

JERRY: Hey, do that!

LACI: We audition our jokes to each other.

JERRY: That’s the funnier thing. Do that.

LACI: Yeah, and that’s a great thing to have in a cast and it’s super rare, so I love it.

NATHAN: In a way, it darn-near feels like an improv show. Half the time.

JERRY: Darn it.

NATHAN: Darn it. I said darn-near.

LACI: And we do have writers, and they are writing. But–

NATHAN: But it’s just fun to be able to have that flexibility to say not even different words, but just like, “What if you tried it this way?” Then going, “Oh, I love that. Let’s give that a shot on the last take.” When we already know we got the scene, let’s just play around with it. And it’s just fun to see those organic moments really come together. It’s very cool.

AFTERBUZZ: I’m so excited for the new season and to see whatever happens to Spencer. Sounds very exciting.

JERRY: You’re gonna love it. You’re gonna love it, or you’re gonna hate it.

NATHAN: Some people do.

JERRY: You’ll love it or hate it.

LACI: Polarizing.

NATHAN: The body count has still never been higher.

iCarly season three premieres June 1 on Paramount+.

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