EXCLUSIVE: ‘Big Brother’s’ Whitney Reveals Why She Blames Frenchie for Her Eviction

Another Ace bites the dust! Following the week after former Team Aces member Brent was evicted from the Big Brother house, team captain Whitney Williams was sent home in a unanimous vote Thursday night.

The Portland make-up artist clued AfterBuzz TV in on how her relationships with Brent and Frenchie led to her eviction, who she wishes was still in the house and so much more in her exclusive interview below:

AFTERBUZZ: How did your strategy going into the house change once you got in the house?

WHITNEY: Oh my gosh. Drastically. I thought that I could play more of a Derrick [Levasseur] from season 16 game where I kind of go in slow and then can come in a little bit bigger at the end, but I immediately formed a connection with Frenchie and we all know how that went. I think ultimately that was one of my major mistakes in the game.

AFTERBUZZ: When Frenchie was in the house you called him your ride or die. Do you think if he was still in the house you would still be there?

WHITNEY: I wanted him to be my ride or die so much because he reminded me so much of home and so much of people that I’ve lived my life around, and he’s also another parent and there’s so many aspects of him that I loved and adored. But the more that I saw him play his game, it was just very erratic and not very well thought out. So as much as I really wanted him to be my ride or die, it was apparent the longer he was in that, that just couldn’t happen.

AFTERBUZZ: Who do you hold most responsible for your eviction?

WHITNEY: Probably Frenchie. I think my association with him–and ultimately that ended up being my association with Brent as well, even though he was on my team, and then he was also in The Slaughterhouse. I think people kind of associated us together or put us together. I think that was a big reason why I was targeted this week and why I wasn’t approached to be in one of the other two big alliances.

AFTERBUZZ: People really did think that you had a duo going with Brent. Do you know why that was?

WHITNEY: I have no idea because if you looked at Brent and I, we fought so hard that people made jokes that we were most likely a divorced couple put into the house together because we fought so much. I orchestrated his eviction, so the fact that people thought we worked together is just wild to me.

AFTERBUZZ: Was there anyone who surprised you that voted to evict you?

WHITNEY: Not really. I could feel right after nominations that everybody was working together. The second that my face was up on the board, I could tell everybody just dispersed instead of approaching me to see how I was doing, which was fine. But I knew in that moment that I would be alone in it.

AFTERBUZZ: Sarah Beth mentioned that she really wanted you to stay, but didn’t want to shake things up and get a target on her back. What did you think about that?

WHITNEY: I completely understand. Honestly, she’s who I was most shocked about in the goodbye messages, because out of everyone in the house, she’s the person that I didn’t have the opportunity to get to know yet. So we talked the least and the fact that she was working the hardest to keep me in is really surprising. I appreciate it though, of course.

AFTERBUZZ: Azah also mentioned in her goodbye message that she was jealous of you and Xavier. Were you surprised by that?

WHITNEY: Yes and no. I would be surprised if somebody didn’t have a crush on X. He’s such an incredible person. When I heard that she had a crush, I was like, yeah, of course, obviously everybody does. But the fact that that could have potentially affected her vote is a little shocking. I feel like that may have been more emotional instead of logical, but I don’t know. I’m not surprised.

AFTERBUZZ: Was there anyone in the house that you wanted to work with but didn’t get a chance to?

WHITNEY: My opinion has kind of changed as time went on. I really did want to work with Alyssa, Christian, Xavier and Derek X. I approached them about a week and a half ago to hopefully start a new alliance together since The Slaughterhouse didn’t go through. And now that I know that their own alliance was formed over two weeks ago, it makes a lot more sense why that wasn’t able to work out, but ideally that would have been part of my dream team. And then probably Sarah Beth and Claire as time went on.

AFTERBUZZ: Frenchie had said in his exit interview that The Slaughterhouse was actually who he was most concerned about and wanted to get out. Were you aware of that at all? That it wasn’t a legitimate alliance for him?

WHITNEY: What? So that wasn’t a real alliance for him? Those were people he wanted out of the house?

AFTERBUZZ: Yeah, he said “keep your enemies closer.”

WHITNEY: He was so sloppy. Oh my gosh. I had no idea. I mean, it makes sense considering how sloppy he was, but why would you even form an alliance with people you want to get out? So who was his real alliance then? Did he have one?

AFTERBUZZ: I think he was quite close with Derek F, but it was hard. He broke his promises all of the time, so it was hard to tell who he was loyal to.

WHITNEY: Oh, you couldn’t go to sleep until about four in the morning because you had to be the last person to talk to him to affect his game the next day. He really went off of the last person he talked to and that’s how he would make his decisions. He was all sorts of chaos.

AFTERBUZZ: If you could go back and change anything in your game, what would you change?

WHITNEY: If I could change anything, I really wish that I picked Travis over Brent in the team picks the very first episode. I feel like if we had Travis instead of Brent things could have been much different from there on out, and we could have had our own really strong team alliance instead of The Slaughterhouse. I think that would have made the biggest difference for my game.

AFTERBUZZ: What would’ve been your game plan if you had won HOH this week knowing what you know now?

WHITNEY: Knowing what I know now, I would have put up Derek X and Christian. I don’t like to play a small game where people get out weak members, even though I think it’s too early to know who the weak ones are and who the strong ones are, because people are really waiting until jury at least to show all their cards–or at least some of them. So it’s really hard to know, but I would’ve really liked to get out the two strongest competitors.

AFTERBUZZ: It’s been interesting, there’s been a lot of unanimous house votes and house targets so far. What would you like to see happen this week?

WHITNEY: I want people to make up their own minds and make their own decisions. Everybody just goes with what the house wants, what the HOH wants, and I really would love to see people thinking for themselves and not for the entire group. When you have an eight person alliance, that’s doomed to fail I feel like, and you’re going to start backstabbing each other. There’s no way eight people can make it to the finale. So I really hope people start thinking for themselves.

AFTERBUZZ: Who are you rooting for now?

WHITNEY: I’m rooting for Sarah Beth and Xavier. I think both of them are playing a great social game. I think they’re both very logical thinkers and they’re capable of winning comps. And I just adore them as people.

AFTERBUZZ: If there were a battle back, aside from yourself, who would you like to see back in the house?

WHITNEY: I really wish Travis could have another shot. I think we didn’t really get to know Travis until his final two days in the house and he really is such a fun person. I think for everybody else, it could be really risky because he is very athletic and he’s very social and he’s extremely intelligent, so he would be a really big threat. But as a viewer, I would love to see Travis in the house.

AFTERBUZZ: We know now that team’s twist has ended and they’re likely going to introduce another twist. If they were going to introduce something to shake up the house, what would you want to see?

WHITNEY: I could see potentially them choosing duos, so you’re working with a duo and maybe the duo splits the $750,000 or something, but you have to make sure that your teammate makes it through. I think that could be really entertaining, but it’s chosen for you and you don’t get to choose your own duo partner. I think that could be really fun. I don’t really know. I haven’t had too much time to think about it yet.

AFTERBUZZ: Before you left when you were campaigning to stay, did you warn anyone you were allied with about who to watch for in the house?

WHITNEY: I feel like I did. I told Claire to watch out for somebody and I feel like I told her to watch out for Christian, but now that I know they’re in an alliance together, that was probably really stupid. But I’m pretty sure that’s who I was telling Claire that she should watch out for, because he did tell me that I wasn’t the original target supposedly and I guess targets were being bounced around, and I thought that Claire was one of those possible targets.

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