EXCLUSIVE: ‘Big Brother’s’ Tiffany Says Xavier Wouldn’t Have Made It To Final Two Without The Cookout

Tiffany is spilling all the details on her fellow Cookout members, what her strategy would be in an All-Stars season and more in her exclusive interview with AfterBuzz TV!

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Posted On: September 30th, 2021 4:57 pm pst

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Tiffany Mitchell Interview

Credit: CBS

Xavier may have won this season of Big Brother, but it’s Tiffany Mitchell who’s taking the title of America’s Favorite Player! After being nominated in the final six by Kyland, Tiffany was evicted and sent to jury in a unanimous vote.  

Now that the game is over, Tiffany is spilling all the details on her fellow Cookout members, what her strategy would be in an Allstars season, and more in her exclusive interview with 

AfterBuzz below:

AFTERBUZZ: How surprised are you to have won America’s Favorite Player?

TIFFANY: Oh my gosh, there was a lot of competition. I was not even trying to go for America’s Favorite Player, but I definitely thought Derek X and Derek F had it in the bag. Derek X kicked me out a long time ago. Everyone kept saying to him, ‘Well, you win America’s Favorite Player,’ so I was not really thinking about it. I am so appreciative of America because I talked to America every single day, so at least I know they were listening, and they liked my conversations.

AFTERBUZZ: Brent actually complimented you for your master plan and your gameplay. What did you make of that?

TIFFANY: That was a high compliment coming from Brent. Brent and I kind of went toe to toe a couple of times in the house, but not on anything serious. We just kind of had a little banter back and forth. But for Brent to compliment me, it meant a lot coming from him because I know he’s a hard guy to please, so I appreciated the compliment.

AFTERBUZZ: We didn’t get to see that many moments from the jury. What was your favorite moment that you had in jury?

TIFFANY: I think my favorite moment in jury was sitting down with the other jury members and opening up to them about The Cookout and receiving their praise and appreciation and admiration for what we had done. It was very scary going in, not knowing what to expect and not knowing what the response from the jurors would be. But when they welcomed The Cookout and what we accomplished, there was no other feeling like that because we all genuinely love everyone in The Cookout and especially outside of The Cookout. So having their approval and them forgiving and not being bitter meant so much to me; that was the best moment in the jury house for me.

AFTERBUZZ: You didn’t get to ask Xavier or Big D a question today before they made their final pitches. What were you planning on asking?

TIFFANY: A lot of the questions that were asked were questions that I had input in asking. I really did want to hear Xavier’s strategy coming into the house to see if he had a strategy coming in and if he stuck with that strategy until the end. And I also wanted to know if him and Big D had arranged a final two and when they figured that out because Kyland just could not fathom that Xavier was not sticking to the final two that they had–kind of like he didn’t stick to the final two that we had, but kind of like I didn’t stick to the final two that we had, either. But I didn’t make it to final two, so he doesn’t know that.

AFTERBUZZ: Speaking of Kyland, what did you make of his comments during the jury round table?

TIFFANY: Kyland talks a whole lot, and sometimes it takes a lot of my attention to stay focused on the subject matter. A lot of times, I’m trying to put the sentence structure together to make sure he is answering the question that is asked. I have a lot of respect for him as a friend. As a guy, I really respect him, and as a player in this game, I still respect him. He just is a little egotistical, and so sometimes I’m just listening to him going, you still want to be right in this subject. Instead of just realizing what the truth is, he has to be right. So I was just listening to Kyland going, and you’re still in your own head about this. I knew Xavier wasn’t going to take him. I told him Xavier wasn’t going to take him, and he seems to feel like Xavier changed his mind three days ago.

AFTERBUZZ: Xavier was a huge threat this season. Do you think he would’ve made it all the way to the end if not for the protection of The Cookout?

TIFFANY: I would say no. I think that The Cookout protected every single one of us. I don’t know if any of us would have made it without the protection of The Cookout. Xavier was a huge threat. His name was being said week three by people outside of The Cookout. I think every single person realized that he was a threat. No, I do not think Xavier would have made it without the protection of The Cookout.

AFTERBUZZ: Were you surprised that it was a unanimous vote for him? 

TIFFANY: Not at all. When I was on the block, when I was the sixth person of The Cookout in the house, I told them, if you do not send Xavier home this week, please find my eyeliner pencil and sign him a $750,000 check because he will win. I was not surprised at all when he did not come out behind me, which I knew he probably wasn’t going to come out behind me. I knew Xavier was going to win. I knew when no one wanted to take him out when The Cookout was down to six that Xavier would win.

AFTERBUZZ: Taking it back to your second HOH, what do you think the fallout would have been if you had decided to keep Claire?

TIFFANY: Oh my gosh. The fallout would have been with America, my son, my family; the fallout would have definitely been with the six members of The Cookout. I would have been on my own island with just Claire and myself, and then she would have been taken out first, and then I would have been taken out next if they would not have just kept Claire and kicked me out. But it would have been all hell breaking loose.

AFTERBUZZ: I know you said in the house that you wouldn’t do an All-Stars season, but so many people are rooting for you to come back. I’m certain they would invite you back. This season you had to balance the priorities of The Cookout with your own personal game. What would it look like if you were back in the house and you were just focused on your own game? 

TIFFANY: It would look like Evil Dick mixed with Dan Gheesling, Janelle [Pierzina], and Derek Levasseur. That’s what it would look like.

AFTERBUZZ: What do you think the final three would look like this season if not for The Cookout?

TIFFANY: Oh, let’s see. It would have been me, DX, and [Hannah] Chaddha. 

AFTERBUZZ: I was so sad when you and Hannah were on the block at the same time–I was screaming at the TV!

TIFFANY: I mean, seriously, I told Kyland, getting rid of me, you’re going to be after me. He wasn’t directly after me, but the only way he would have made it to three–the only way I would’ve made it to three or Hannah would’ve made it to three–is if us three stuck together. He will not admit that I’m right, but I’m right.

AFTERBUZZ: Whose game do you think was hurt the most by evicting you?

TIFFANY: Kyland. I told him he was so focused on taking Xavier to two, and Xavier never wanted to take Kyland to two. And I knew that. Xavier wanted to win this game; Kyland wanted to have a superhero battle, and no one wanted that except for him. No one had Kyland’s back except myself and Chaddha. For him to get rid of me, that took one of his numbers away, and then he let them get rid of Chadha. He had no one else. Kyland hurt his own game when he got rid of me.

AFTERBUZZ: What about Azah? Because you briefly talked about teaming up as the girls, because you assumed that the guys would gravitate towards each other.

TIFFANY: I would have loved for Azah, myself, and Chaddha to work together, but at the point that I asked Azah to work with Chaddha and myself, Chaddha and I already had a final two. Azah would have found herself in the same position with myself and Chaddha as she did with Xavier and Derek, which would have been the final three. So it really was an equal opportunity if she would have gone with myself and Chaddha or Derek and Xavier.

AFTERBUZZ: You talked a lot about your son, Christian, this season and how important he is to you. What lessons do you hope he would take from your time in the house and being able to watch you?

TIFFANY: I hope Christian learns to love and be himself; think for himself, be a leader. Trust your own morals and values. Go for what you want. Live your dreams; they do come true. Unity means something, and you have to stand for something. If you do not stand for something, you will fall for anything. I stood for something this season, and I hope that he saw that and he understands what that means. It does not mean division. I was standing for something, and being unified does not mean we were dividing. And so I hope that he understands that you have to find something that you believe in, and you stand on that, and you don’t let anything deter you from it.

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