EXCLUSIVE: ‘Big Brother’s’ Britini D’Angelo Reveals Who She Thinks Will Make It To The End!

Big Brother’s jury is officially welcoming its first member: America’s favorite underdog Britini D’Angelo is heading to the jury after being evicted Thursday night. The 24-year-old kindergarten teacher was sent packing in a near-unanimous vote after being backdoored by Head of Household Kyland Young.

Britini revealed which team she would have traded positions to be on in the house, who she thinks will make it to the end of the game and more in her exclusive interview with AfterBuzz TV:

AFTERBUZZ: How do you think your game might have been different if you weren’t on Frenchie’s team?

BRITINI: That’s a really good question, and honestly something I think about often. I honestly do think my game would have been very different had I not been on Frenchie’s team. Frenchie’s first HOH week, we call it Frenchie’s Funhouse. I truly do love Frenchie. He truly is someone that I know I will be in touch with and friends with for a long time outside of this house. But, that first HOH week was madness. It was absolutely crazy. No one knew what was going on, even his own team. So, I feel like after the madness and craziness that happened the first week, our team was just looked at as, I wouldn’t say the outcast, but just the literal jokers. And so at that point, I knew that Frenchie had painted a huge target on his back. And I knew right when he went up, it just made sense for Kyland’s game to put the strongest competitor that he thought on his team was not Frenchie, and that’s how my game started going on the block. So I do contribute a lot of how my game went to the fact that I was on The Jokers, but I also created the best friendships on The Jokers as well. So I love the jokers–that’s my team, you know what I’m saying? But I do think that Frenchie being on our team and starting the game as crazy as it was definitely did have an impact in my game.

AFTERBUZZ: If you had to redo the game on a different team, which team would you choose and why?

BRITINI: So prefacing this answer, I would not have picked a different team only because I truly love the way my game played out and I love the friendships that I created, and Big D and Azah are just two of the most incredible people I’ve ever met in my entire life. So for me, I have no regrets in the game and especially the team that I was picked on. But if I had to pick a different team to play on, if I took one of the female spots on The Kings, I think I would have done really, really well on The Kings. I also think The Queens were just not targeted, but also Kyland’s on that team so maybe not The Queens. The Aces were okay but that’s where Brent was, so maybe not. I would say The Kings, by process of elimination.

AFTERBUZZ: Before Kyland targeted you this week, who would have been your targets in the house and why?

BRITINI: My targets in the house were definitely Alyssa, Sarah Beth and Kyland, even before he nominated me the second time. Alyssa, because she’s my most direct threat in terms of competitions for females in the house, and also I just did not trust everything she was telling me at most times. I really think that a lot of the times she was holding her cards close and really only opened up to two people. So for me, that scared me because she was in such a tight trio that I found that threatening. Sarah Beth, for obvious reasons. When you ask me to throw a veto to you twice in the same week and the same day when we’re both on the block together, you look a little sketchy to me. So for that reason you don’t have my back; Sarah Beth was my target.

And on top of that, Kyland was as well. Kyland was Sarah Beth’s number one and he said that I was his close ally and all these things, but then you’re not going to use the veto on me that week against Sarah Beth because you’re going to use it on Sarah Beth? That tells me that you have people ahead of me in your pecking order. So for me, Kyland was absolutely one of my targets and he also put me up on the block, so I have no remorse for him.

AFTERBUZZ: Who do you predict will make it far in the game and why?

BRITINI: I really do predict that Xavier and Azah will make it far in this game. I think Xavier’s playing the most low key, non-threatening game possible, even though Xavier is such a big threat in every regard. And I feel like people see him as the dad of the house and he’s really got a good rep in that regard, so I feel like Xavier is going to make it far. I also think my girl Azah is going to make it far because Azah’s not really seen as a threat, so there’s no real need to get rid of her right now. But, I am so ready for her to get her comps where she’s going to show and prove everyone wrong. And she’s just going to make it far in this game. So I’m really rooting for the two of them–and Big D, of course.

To find out who joins Britini next in The Jury, tune in to Big Brother Sundays, Wednesdays and Thursdays at 8 p.m. ET on CBS and watch the live feeds on Paramount+.

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