EXCLUSIVE: ‘Big Brother’s’ Alyssa Reveals What She Wants to Tell Kyle in Jury!

With Alyssa on her way to jury, she’s revealing what she wants to say to Kyle, who she wishes she’d aligned with in the house and so much more in her exclusive interview with AfterBuzz! 

Thursday’s live episode of Big Brother saw Alyssa Snider evicted from the house, leaving Monte, Taylor, Brittany, and Turner to battle it out in the final four! 

Now on her way to jury, Alyssa’s revealing what she wants to say to Kyle, who she wishes she’d aligned with in the house and so much more in her interview below: 

AFTERBUZZ: You and Turner seem to be very different from each other. How did you become best friends?

ALYSSA: Turner and I are polar opposites. The only thing we have in common is I think we have the same sense of humor and we’re both creative people, so somehow we put our differences aside and we just became best friends, and we had so much fun together.

AFTERBUZZ: Who do you think has the toughest path to the final two and why?

ALYSSA: I think Brittany has the toughest path to the final two, because Monty basically sat her down and said, “I don’t trust you. I want you out of this house.” She betrayed Taylor by trying to keep me in the house, and now Turner’s probably pissed at her for not letting him know that she was gonna keep me in the house, so I think she has a tough path to get there.

AFTERBUZZ: Who do you think deserves more credit for getting Michael out: Monte or Turner? 

ALYSSA: I think Monte deserves the most credit for getting Michael out. It was Monte’s idea. Monte won the veto that gave them the opportunity to get Michael out, and he kind of orchestrated the whole plan.

AFTERBUZZ: If you had to pick one person who you wish you aligned with more closely in the house, who would it be?

ALYSSA: I wish I aligned more closely with Monte. I should not have let that relationship fall through my fingers. He was a great player, he still is a great player, and he seemed to be the most loyal person in the house. He’s won competitions. He’s stuck by his word to those that he has given his word to. So I wish I had aligned more closely with him.

AFTERBUZZ: What do you want to say to Kyle when you get to the jury?

ALYSSA: I have a lot I want to say to Kyle. There are gonna be many conversations that need to be had, but mostly just, “I was never conspiring against you. If you thought that I was a part of all these other alliances, you were really my primary source of everything.” So I want to make that very clear to him.

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