Everything You Need To Remember for ‘Dollface’ Season 2!

Season 2 of Dollface premieres this Friday, February 11th on Hulu! Forgot where season 1 left off? We’ve got you covered!

Dollface premiered its first season in November of 2019. Like many television series, it was forced to delay its filming of season 2 due to COVID. So we’re covering everything that you need to remember from season 1 to prepare for the new season premiere!

Season 1 began with 20-something-year-old Jules (Kat Dennings) getting dumped by her boyfriend, Jeremey (Connor Hines) of 5 years. Without a boyfriend, Jules needs to revamp her social life, but she realizes that she hasn’t maintained her female friendships since being in a romantic relationship.

Jules comes to terms with the fact that she must reconnect with her former friends to enjoy life with those who truly care about her, and to grow as an individual. Many times Jules learns these lessons through a metaphorical fantasy world led by Cat Lady (Beth Grant).


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Jules attempts to rekindle her friendships with college besties Madison (Brenda Song) and Stella (Shay Mitchell), and makes a new friend with co-worker Izzy (Esther Povitsky). Together, the three girls help Jules to regain her confidence as a single female while introducing her to intriguingly confusing social norms in female friendships.


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Meanwhile, Jules is still dealing with her post-breakup emotions. Her friends give her an extra push to help with moving on by introducing rebound guys or going out to a wild party, but for the most part Jules can’t help from “casually bumping into” her ex more than a few times.

Later on in the season, Jules attends Woom’s company retreat where she and her co-workers are led by a spiritual leader (Margot Robbie) to thrive in their emotions and release stress. However, much to her surprise, on the retreat Jules finds out that the husband of her boss Celeste (Malin Akerman) is none other than Madison’s boyfriend. With this unpleasant secret, Jules has to face the pain of telling Madison the truth.

Season 1 concludes with the wedding of Jeremy’s sister, in which Jules is a bridesmaid and has to deal with the awkwardness of spending time with Jeremy and his new girlfriend. But a positive part about this conclusion is that Jules proves she has successfully learned and can display the lessons of girl code that she’s been taught over the course of the season, even if it means exposing other people and ruining a wedding. What’s most important to Jules at this point in time is being there for her best friends who matter to her most.

Now that you’re all caught up on a recap of Season 1, we hope you enjoy watching the premiere of Dollface’s Season 2 this weekend!

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