Everything You Need to Know About ‘Theater Camp’!

Theater Camp, the award-winning Sundance film, is finally coming to theaters this week! Here are all the details about the movie and why you should go see it.

After its successful premiere at the Sundance Film Festival, Theater Camp will be in theaters on July 14th. The feature-length film is adapted from the 2020 short film by the same name, and it is Molly Gordon and Noah Lieberman’s directorial debuts. The cast is full of stars with Molly Gordon, Ben Platt, Noah Galvin, Jimmy Tatro, and several talented kids.

Theater Camp is a mockumentary style film about a summer camp called AdirondACTS. When the long-time director Joan falls into a coma, chaos ensues as her clueless son is left to pick up the pieces. With help from the eccentric teachers and dedicated students, the team must come up with a solution to keep the camp alive.


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At the Sundance Film Festival, the film received two standing ovations at the premiere. Shortly after, Searchlight pictures acquired distribution rights for $8 million. The film went on to win the U.S. Dramatic Special Jury Award: Ensemble, which is a huge honor.


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Looking at the reviews, the film has an 80% on rotten tomatoes and a 72% audience score. While theater kids will definitely have an appreciation for it, there’s something for everyone in this film. As Vanity Fair says, “Sure, many require a knowledge of musical theater, but even newbies will find something to love.”


If you’re a fan of Ben Platt, a theater kid at heart, or just want to get a good laugh, you have to go see Theater Camp on July 14th!

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