Everything We Know About the ‘Mean Girls’ Movie Musical!

The Mean Girls musical is coming from the stage to the screen! Here is everything we know about the upcoming movie!

Mean Girls is a cult classic and was adapted into a musical that premiered on Broadway in 2018. Now, it’s being made into a film again except this time the musical version! Tina Fey announced the film adaptation of the musical was in development in 2020 and The Mean Girls trailer dropped on November 8, 2023, and it already has over 4 million views. Here’s everything we know so far about the film!

The Cast

The main cast includes Angourie Rice who is best known for her role in the new Spiderman movies and is set to play Cady Heron. Sex Lives of College Girls star Renee Rapp will return to play her Broadway role as Regina George. Auli’i Cravalho who is known for the voice of Moana in the Disney animated film will play Janis ‘Imi’ike. Additionally, Broadway’s Strange Loop star, Jaquel Spivey will play Damien Hubbard, and The Summer I Turned Pretty actor, Chris Briney will take on Aaron Samuels. Regina’s cohorts, Gretchen Weiners and Karen Shetty will be played by Bebe Wood and Avantika Vandanapu.

The returning cast from the original movie includes Tiny Fey who also wrote the original film and will reprise her role as Ms Norbury. Also, Tim Meadows who is best known for being on Saturday Night Live will once again play Principal Duvall. In the trailer, we got a sneak peek of Ashley Park, who originally played Gretchen Weiners on Broadway and will be in the movie as a French Teacher.

In addition, Jenna Fischer who is known for the hit show, The Office will star as Ms. Heron, Cady’s mom. CourgarTown star Busy Phillips will be Mrs. George, Regina’s mom, and Jon Hamm known for Mad Men will play Coach Carr.

The Plot

The story revolves around a new girl in school, Cady Heron who becomes a hit with the Plastics, the most popular clique. Things go awry when she falls for Aaron Samuels, the ex-boyfriend of Regina George, the leader of the Plastics. The plot is pretty similar, but it will include songs from the musical and dance numbers that will surely grab your attention. In an interview with People, Renee Rapp said, “It’s a cool and very special version of the well-known story.” She thinks it will expand to people who aren’t super fans of theater too.

Trailer Reactions

When the trailer was released by Paramount Pictures, there were a lot of mixed reactions, however, many people are excited to see this new version on the big screen!

It’s a musical movie, so many are excited to hear the songs!

The trailer was very exciting and others agreed it slayed!

The hit song, “Get Him Back” by Olivia Rodrigo was very fitting for the trailer as many people pointed out!


The film is set to be released in theaters on January 12, 2024, a change from when it previously was going to be released on Paramount’s streaming platform only.  Be sure to catch the movie in theaters next year!

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