Everything We Know About Season 2 of ‘The Wheel of Time’!

Prime Video’s The Wheel of Time is returning soon and we are so excited! Read on to find out all the details we know about season 2.

It feels like millennia has passed since the Season 1 finale aired! What have our favorite Aes Sedai been up to? What is up with Egwene and all that power? Will Rand lose his marbles because of the One Power? The world of WOT is so big, there is still so much to explore! Let’s get into what we know!

Release Date

The official WOT accounts released the trailer for Season 2 on July 19th and there is so much to see! Along with the trailer, Prime Video announced that Season 2 premiere will air on September 1st. What is next in the war against the Dark One? We’re going to find out quite a bit all at once because three whole episodes are dropping on the 1st. Also, did you know that Prime Video has tacked the first scene of Season 2 onto the season finale of Season 1? You can go watch that teaser right now. This is going to be quite the embarrassment of riches!

The Costumes


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The wardrobe department at WOT has really outdone itself! Just look at these sneak peeks into the costumes for Season 2. They look so stately and become the women who lead the charge against the Dark One. We can’t wait to see how the others are dressed as the season progresses.

Cast News

There are going to be quite a few new faces on our screens this season, which we’re sure will keep our regulars on their toes. The big casting news of this season is that the character of Mat Cauthon was completely recast. There is quite a bit of mystery around why Barney Harris, the actor who played Mat in Season 1, won’t be reprising his role. Beyond this major change though, the rest of the Season 1 cast will be back to dazzle us.

Season 3

Season 3 of WOT has already been renewed by Prime Video. In a streaming landscape where shows often struggle to get a second season, it’s nice to know that the WOT writers will have at least some runway to plan longer character arcs. This can only be good news for WOT fans!

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