Easy Halloween Costumes Inspired by Movie & TV Characters!

Halloween is right around the corner! If you need some costume inspiration here is a list of iconic TV and movie characters you can dress up as. 

Spooky season is upon us, so if you haven’t already it’s time to start thinking about your Halloween costume. Movies and TV shows give us iconic characters with memorable outfits. Sometimes, the best outfits are those you put together using simple accessories. Other times, it’s easier to order them ready-made. Whether you’re going solo, with your bestie, or as a couple, this list has got you covered with easy costumes inspired by your favorite on-screen characters.

Mia from The Princess Diaries


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“Me, a princess? Shut up!”

Who doesn’t want to be a princess? Recreating Mia’s outfit is an easy and quick costume that includes items you can wear after the Halloween season. You only need a white dress, headphones, sunglasses, satin gloves, and a crown. 

Clover Cheerleader

“Brr, it’s cold in here, I said there must be some Toros in the atmosphere.”

The first Bring It On gave us iconic outfits, including Gabrielle Union’s Clover cheer uniform. The uniform makes for a fun and cute Halloween costume. You can even make it a duo costume and have your bestie dress up as Kirstin Dunst’s character in a Rancho Carne High cheer uniform. 

Camry from The Bear


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“Yes, Chef!”

Jeremy Allen White’s character from the hit show The Bear is easy to recreate. For his iconic uniform, you’ll need a white t-shirt, blue apron, and black cargo pants. You can also add temporary tattoos for the full effect. 

Ted from Ted Lasso


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With the end of the series this past year, seeing Ted Lasso at a party will bring smiles to people’s faces. His signature coaching outfit is super easy to recreate with Rubie’s Ted Lasso costume kit. Be sure to order soon, as Halloween is weeks away. 

Barbie and Ken


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“Hi, Barbie!”

Barbie and Ken make for an iconic couple’s Halloween costume. Spirit Halloween has you covered with the perfect outfits that transport you to Barbie Land. You can decide to be cowgirl Barbie and cowboy Ken. If you want to stand out in a crowd of people, you can choose the colorful skating Barbie and Ken.

Nick Wilde and Judy Hopps from Zootopia


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“Anyone can be anything.”

Looking for a cute couple’s costume? Nick Wilde and Judy Hopps make for a fun and easy costume. 

For Judy Hopps, you only need bunny ears and a tail, a blue shirt, dark jeans, a cropped tank top, and a police badge

For Nick Wilde, you need this costume set, tan khakis, and fox ears.

Black Panther


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“Wakanda forever.”

Black Panther makes for a recognizable costume that’s easy to put together. Spirit Halloween has an easy Black Panther skin suit or a bulkier deluxe suit. 

If you’re not feeling the full suit, you can get a Black Panther mask and shirt to wear with any pair of black pants.

Olive Penderghast from Easy A

“Ironically, we were studying The Scarlet Letter.”

Emma Stone’s character inspires a stylish and easy costume with accessories you can wear after spooky season. All you need is a black corset top, tight black pants, black sunglasses, and, of course, a red A patch.  

Princess Tina from The Princess and the Frog

“There is no way I’m kissing a frog and eating a bug in the same day.”

Looking for a cute but grown-up way to recreate Princess Tiana’s beautiful green dress? You can DIY Tina’s dress with a cute green corset, a long green skirt, satin gloves, and a gold crown. 

Dionne Davenport and Cher Horowitz from Clueless

“Ugh, as if!”

You and your bestie can channel your inner 90s-it girl with this iconic dup costume. You can get Cher’s iconic yellow plaid outfit, and your bestie can get Dionne’s black and white plaid set. 

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