‘Easter Sunday’s’ Tia Carrere Talks Breaking Boundaries In The Entertainment Industry!

Tia Carrere stars in the upcoming film Easter Sunday with comedian Jo Koy. See what she had to say about why the film is so special to her, and her thoughts on a sequel.

Tia Carrere has had many amazing roles throughout her career, and her newest one is anything but disappointing.


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Carrere plays Tita Teresa in Jo Koy’s latest film Easter Sunday. The movie features a Filipino cast and follows a man (Jo Koy) who returns home to celebrate Easter with his dysfunctional family.

Carrere talked with Benny Adams on Let’s Binge About It about what she wants moviegoers to take away from the film and if a sequel is in the works.

This film was supposed to have a Netflix debut, but thanks to Jo Koy and his vision to see a Filipino cast on the big screen, the film is now in theaters, something that Carrere couldn’t be happier about.


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“Everything just came together. I think Crazy Rich Asians opened the door. Now, to have a Filipino story and a Filipino family front and center, this is unlike anything I’ve ever seen in my career.” Said Carrere.

For Carrere, Easter Sunday is a special film that stands out for many reasons, one being because the movie was filmed during the pandemic.


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“We stayed in our apartments for two weeks, and our first hello face to face, our first hug was with the cast. We immediately became a family because these were the first people that we saw outside of our own homes. It made it special for all of us.”

As far as a sequel goes, if one does happen, expect Carrere to be on board.

“I’m telling every person I know please go see this film because I want to do a second one in Manilla or Honolulu. I’m putting it out into the atmosphere.”

While there is no confirmation of a sequel, Carrere hopes after watching the film moviegoers see that anything is possible.

“I want people to recognize themselves on the screens and know that their stories can be told. When I came up in this business there was nobody on screen that looked like me, it was hard for me to fit in. We’ve come a long way baby and the fact that we are opening on 35 screens across America is incredible.”

Easter Sunday is now out in theaters, catch the full interview with Tia Carrere below.

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