Each Playoff Team’s Super Bowl Ring Chances!

Want to see how the remaining teams stack up before the second round of the playoffs? We’re examining each team’s chances to win Super Bowl 57!

Kansas City Chiefs

The Kansas City Chiefs have the best odds of winning Super Bowl 57, according to both NBC and FOX sports. They started the playoffs 14-3 at the number one seed in the AFC. They are going to see the Jacksonville Jaguars on Saturday in their first game of the playoffs. Patrick Mahomes finished the season with 61% passing with 5,250 yards. Catch Mahomes and the Chiefs on NBC at 3 PM ET.


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Buffalo Bills

The Buffalo Bills have the second-highest odds of winning. The Bills come into the playoffs with a record of 13-3 after suffering the cancellation of a Monday night game. Bills player Damar Hamlin suffered a severe hit to the head and was rushed to the hospital. The Bills look to defeat the Bengals on Sunday at 3 pm ET in a rematch of Monday night’s tragic game.


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San Francisco 49ers

The San Fransisco 49ers come in at number three after defeating the Seattle Seahawks in the Wild Card round of the playoffs. The Niners came into the playoffs at number two, but after letting the Seahawks have a chance, their odds dropped to number three. The Niners were the most efficient team statistically over the last 7 games of the season. They finished the season 13-4 and look to start hot against the Cowboys on Sunday at 6:30 ET.


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Philadelphia Eagles

The Philadelphia Eagles come next. The Eagles started the season undefeated through eight games. They finished the season 14-3, which makes them tied for the best record in football. They look to stomp the Giants on Saturday. The Eagle’s quarterback Jaylen Hurts has been great this year, with 66% passing in only his second year. Watch Saturday’s game at 8:15 ET on FOX.

Cincinnati Bengals

The Cincinnati Bengals are in the fifth spot. The Bengals finished the season 12-4, led by young quarterback Joe Burrow. Joe Burrow and the Bengals had 5,768 total offensive yards, which was among the top in the league. They will have a tough match-up against the Bills. You can stream the game on either NFL+ or Paramount+ Sunday at 3 pm ET.


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Dallas Cowboys

The Dallas Cowboys defeated the Tampa Bay Buccaneers on Monday, taking them into the second round of the playoffs. The Cowboys have had a good season but are not as outstanding statistically compared to the top teams. Dak Prescott started Monday’s game 0-3, then broke the playoff record right after with 11 consecutive completions. The Cowboys ended the season 12-5 and will be battling against the Niners in a tough one on FOX or with an NFL game pass Sunday at 6:30 ET.


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New York Giants

The New York Giants narrowly made the playoffs with a record of 9-7. The Giants have won most of their games by only one possession this season.​​ They defeated the 13-5 Vikings on Sunday. The star receiver for the Vikings, Justin Jefferson, had -2 yards, and Giants quarterback Daniel Jones had 301 yds and 2 Touchdowns. The Giants face even stiffer competition in the Eagles on Saturday at 8:15 ET on FOX.


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Jacksonville Jaguars

The Jacksonville Jaguars round out our list at the bottom of the betting odds. The Jaguars have struggled defensively but managed to pull out a win against the Chargers on Saturday. The Jaguars defeated the Chargers 31-30. The Jaguars started the game down 27 points but managed to collect themselves and come back and stun the chargers. They will now face the number one seed in a battle against the Chiefs on Saturday on NBC at 3 PM ET.


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