Disney’s Jackson Dollinger Talks New EP Social Isolation

Disney Channel star Jackson Dollinger’s new EP Social Isolation comes out on January 19th and it’s his birthday gift to the world

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Posted On: January 17th, 2021 6:17 pm pst

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2020 taught us all to really take stock of our lives and the way we look at community, family, and ourselves. For Jackson Dollinger he used the time to stay positive, stay creative and share his craft with the world.

Jackson Dollinger joined Chae’ Jones for an IG Live Interview to talk about his new EP Social Isolation, his love of music, Season 3 of Sydney to the Max, filming during COVID, and answered some fan questions and more on Dish Upon A Star.

Dollinger is no stranger to music as his father has been a part of the sound department in some of your favorite movies from La La Land to A Star is Born. When asked what he likes the most about making and creating music, Dollinger said, “I mean probably if I just feel some type of way I’m just able go into my home studio, which I’m in right now and just you know get all my emotions out and create something to the best of my ability. Another great thing about it I’m making something that is fun for me to make but also awesome to put it out for you guys to listen to. I just enjoy getting the positive feedback and keep making songs.”

Some artists write their own songs and some have song writers that add to their album or EP. Dollinger worked hard on his new EP as all the four songs featured are original songs.

“Yes so the EP Social Isolation is four songs and they were all made during this social isolation period or quarantine. It starts off with the first song on the EP called “Golden Hour.” “Golden Hour” is about not taking the little things in your life for granted and really sitting back and appreciating and realizing that even if you don’t have a lot everyone has one thing that they can find joy in. Which I think is really cool and for me the title “Golden Hour” comes from a certain time of day where I realize like wow, I have a lot and I’m really grateful for that.”

Second song, “Moonlight” is about having someone in your life that you want but isn’t necessarily good for you and wanting to resist being with that person.

“Wait or Run” is about quarantine. It’s about being in love and not being able to see a person because of the circumstances. It could also be about having a one track mind and only thinking about that person.

And the last song “Walk Alone” is about independence. It’s about realizing you don’t need someone to find your true authentic self but it could also be interpreted to finding the silver lining in a bad relationship or situation.”

All the songs in the new EP were written by Dollinger. When it comes to his favorite part of writing he said, “Definitely the creative freedom. It’s so great to be able to come into the studio. It’s like my one time I don’t have to listen to anybody. I can do what Jackson feels instead of being told what to do. So the creative freedom of making music is the most enjoyable part.”

His new EP releases on January 19 which also happens to be his birthday. When asked if he has always known that he wanted to release on that date Dollinger replied, “I mean I always thought a birthday is a cool release date. I didn’t know when I wanted to release but after I made those four songs when I was kinda going through them and figuring out what order I wanted them to go and when the release date and all the logistical stuff. I was like well it needs some time to get to all the platforms like Spotify, Apple Music and all that. So January 19th was one of the options for it to release on and perfect that’s my birthday. So we just chose that day.”

Even though he will be celebrating the release of his new EP, his birthday celebrations will still be fun and surrounded by those he loves. “Well there is still a pandemic so I’m not going anywhere. Just staying home with my mom and dad…my immediate family and we’re ordering sushi which is my favorite food and I can’t wait for that.”

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