Did Chase Rice and Bachelor’s Victoria F. REALLY Date?

Now that we’re settling into the middle run of 2020’s already incredible Bachelor Season, it’s time to ask a very important question—did Victoria Fuller ACTUALLY date, or what!?

We’ve been scouring social to find any kind of trace of Chase and Victoria’s dating history, and, well…there’s not much. Based on promos, it seems like there was definitely something there, unless these two are really good actors.

Either way, the relationship may not be as serious as we first thought. Rice recently spoke to 98.9’s Fitz in the Morning and he pointed out they’d spent a night together in Charlotte, North Carolina.

“Cool chick, from what I know of her,” he said. “I got no problem with her. I got no problem with [Peter],” He said.

Hm, “Cool Chick?” Not the most rousing endorsement of a strong relationship. But, who are we to judge?

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