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AFTERBUZZ TV – Desperate Housewives edition, is a weekly “after show” for fans of ABC’s Desperate Housewives. In this episode host Derrick breaks down the episode in which Lynette realizes it’s her 22nd wedding anniversary which makes her feel down. Renee tells her she needs to move on and start living her life but when flowers are delivered from Tom she is touched and begins to think Tom would like to get back together. She takes Penny’s keys to his apartment and plans to leave him a bottle of Scotch on his night stand to continue a tradition. Soon after she arrives Tom returns home with Jane, forcing Lynette to hide under their bed as the pair get intimate. When Lynette is discovered Jane leaves to give her and Tom some privacy. Tom feels guilty and apologies when he realizes he forgot to cancel a yearly order with the florist he had arranged 12 years ago to make sure Lynette received flowers every year. A sad Lynette then leaves.

Bree awakes during the night due to an intruder in her home. She investigates with a gun and is surprised to see Chuck by the front door. Bree demands to know what he’s doing and he tells her that he heard her police call over the radio and came to investigate. He later tells Bree he thinks someone is trying to send her a message and try to make her feel unsafe in her own home. He later leaves only to continue stalking and watching her every move. Bree has had enough and tells Chuck to stop with his harassment and she demands that he leaves her alone.

Gabrielle forces Carlos to take time off work when his drinking gets out of hand. She is forced to make sure things at his work are running smoothly and when a big client of Carlos finds out about his problems he demands to see him. Carlos and Gabrielle are shocked when the client says he is an alcoholic and the only way to recover is to admit you’ve got a problem and to go into rehab. Carlos eventually agrees to Gabrielle’s relief.

Susan’s recent painting showing herself, Bree, Gabrielle and Lynette burying the body of Alejandro in the woods receives huge compliments from a respected art reviewer called Felix. He tells Susan he wishes them to go on show in an art gallery but she refuses as she needs the paintings to remain private. Andre is unsuccessful in persuading Susan to give permission so he and Felix go behind her back and use the painting regardless. Susan is horrified during the night of the show and demands that the paintings get taken down immediately but Felix tells her that can only happen if somebody buys the paintings. Susan calls Bree and Gabrielle to come and buy them and they are horrified as they see the paintings as a confession to what they did. They buy the paintings but Chuck, who has continued to stalk Bree, sees them and lets the three of them know that he is very close to finding out what happened and what they did. He then leaves leaving Gabrielle and Susan furious with Bree for not telling them what Chuck has been doing.

Lynette returns home and finally takes off her wedding ring while Carlos begins to pour alcohol down the sink. Meanwhile, Bree, an alcoholic herself, pours herself a glass of wine and drinks. There to help Derrick is co-host Sara Stretton. It’s Desperate Housewives’s “Suspicion Song” podcast!

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